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Rome. Princess Rita Ludovisi to be evicted from Villa Aurora, where Caravaggio decorated the ceiling

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On Thursday, Princess Rita Jenrette Boncompagni Ludovisi is to be evicted from Rome’s Casino dell’Aurora, reports the business magazine “Fortune”. A fabulously expensive residence from 1570, in which the ceiling of one of the rooms was decorated by Caravaggio, now they want to take over the children of the late Prince Ludovisi, the woman’s husband.

In January, a Roman court ruled that Ludovisi, born in Texas as Rita Carpenter, must vacate her residence at the Casino dell’Aurora by April 20. As “Fortune” explains, justifying its January verdict, the court noted that the princess did not keep the house “in good condition”. It was because of her omission that one of the external walls of the building was damaged. The order requires the police to forcibly evict anyone who remains on the premises of the Casino dell’Aurora after a court-ordered period. Officers are also required to “dispose or destroy” any furniture and documents left behind, according to the order quoted by the magazine.

On Wednesday evening, Ludovisi was still at the residence, waiting for police officers who would come the next morning to enforce the eviction order, Fortune reports. According to the same account, the Ukrainian housewife was inside with the princess, as well as her daughter and grandchildren, who had escaped from the city attacked by Russia Kiev. At the time of this text’s publication on Thursday, it was not yet known whether the eviction had already taken place.

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Rome. Villa Aurora is to be sold

“Fortune” explains in its text that the residence, located on Rome’s famous Via Veneto, was built in 1570 and has been owned by the Ludovisi family since the early 17th century. After the death of the rightful heir to the villa, Prince Nicolo Boncompagni Ludovisi in 2018, a dispute over the inheritance of the luxury property began between the children of the deceased from his first marriage and the American, who was his third wife. According to a business magazine, the prince’s children claim that their grandfather wanted them to take over the mansion and their father mismanaged the estate. The daughter of the prince, Nicolo Ludovisi, on Wednesday, the day before the eviction date, praised the court’s decision on her Twitter profile.

Rita Ludovisi gave a statement to the AP on Wednesday, stressing that she and her husband worked hard to keep the house in good condition. She called the eviction order “unexpected and unfair”. “What a brutal end to living together with my beloved Nicolo,” the princess wrote in a quoted statement.

Fortune magazine reports that when the court put the villa up for auction last year, it was valued at €471 million. This is one of the most expensive residences in the world. The price of a building located in the center of Rome on such a cosmic level is even that the ceiling in one of its rooms was painted by Caravaggio. This is his only existing painting of this type.

Who is Princess Ludovisi – Rita Carpenter?

Born in 1949, Princess Rita – then Rita Carpenter – grew up on a farm in Texas. In her twenties, she became involved in politics and moved to Washington. In 1976, she married John Jenrette Jr., who was then a member of the House of Representatives. Carpenter herself was known as a TV journalist, actress and model. In 2009, she married Prince Ludovisi, eight years her senior.

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Main photo source: Alvise Armellini/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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