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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ron Jeremy Charged With Sexually Assaulting Four Women

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At this time, Jeremy’s case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Dante Rusciolelli, owner of Golden Artists Entertainment, shared a statement with E! News regarding Jeremy’s charges.

“We are announcing today that we are dropping Ron Jeremy as one of our 80 management clients. When Rolling Stone charged Ron with being in the #MeToo movement in 2017, he showed us proof against all of the allegations. At the time, the police and District Attorneys backed Ron up. He had never spent a day in court or in jail. Rolling Stone was given proof of his innocence and still printed the story anyway,” Rusciolelli’s statement read.

He added, “However, today the District Attorney in Los Angeles is bringing charges of sexual misconduct against him, and we were not given any proof of his innocence at this time. We hope that these allegations against him are not true, but if they are, we hope that he is prosecuted.”

In 2017, Rolling Stone reported that Jeremy had been accused of sexual misconduct and sexual assault by more than a dozen women. The publication noted that “a handful of these allegations have previously surfaced in the media,” with some dating back to 1997.

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Jeremy denied the allegations and issued a statement to Rolling Stone at the time.

“These allegations are pure lies or buyer’s remorse,” Jeremy told the outlet in an emailed statement back in 2017. “I have never and would never rape anyone. All serious allegations have been investigated by police and dismissed by judges, as have most of the accusations of ‘groping.’ I have never been charged nor spent one day in court for any of this.”

E! News has reached out to Jeremy’s team for comment and has yet to get a response.

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