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ROP, packaging fee. Jacek Ozdoba comments

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From 2023, packaging producers are to pay the packaging fee. In an interview with “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Jacek Ozdoba, did not rule out increasing the maximum rate of the fee. The draft act, which implements new requirements in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (ROP) into Polish law, is the subject of consultations.

From the beginning, I am open to conversations, but constructive ones; We have too many interest groups regarding the extended producer responsibility system, which is why this is a difficult matter, said Jacek Ozdoba, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment in an interview with “DGP”.

At the beginning of August this year. the bill was submitted for consultation amending the act on the management of packaging and packaging waste and certain other acts. The project provides for dividing the stream of packaging into consumer and other packaging – from trade, distribution or industry. Split also means treating these streams separately in the context of statutory obligations such as recycling and accounting, product fees, etc.

In an interview with the newspaper, Gwiazda stated that the project was largely a response to the demands of local governments and was intended to stop the dynamics of rising prices for waste disposal.


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Packaging fee

According to the draft, producers under the ROP will incur a special packaging fee. The deputy head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage did not rule out the possibility of raising the maximum rate of the packaging fee in the draft, if it is substantively justified.

– The regulations oblige us to define the maximum rate of this fee in the act. However, I would like to remind you that the actual rates – which will apply when the act enters into force in 2023 – will be determined by the regulation that will be issued by the Ministry of Climate and Environment on the basis of the recommendations of the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute – Ozdoba explained in an interview with “DGP”.

As he explained, IOŚ-PIB will be obliged to carry out a cost analysis regarding the management of packaging waste. – On the basis of this analysis, the ministry will issue an ordinance in which it will define the rates for individual types of packaging. Today it is difficult to assess what the situation will be next year and what rates will then be appropriate to the scale of the challenges – noted the deputy minister.

The rates are to be differentiated, among others by type of packaging, recyclability, recycled content after taking into account revenues from reuse, sales of recycled materials and missed deposits. The estimates included in the regulatory impact assessment attached to the draft act show that “the packaging fee due for 2023 (the first year of the law being in force) will amount to PLN 1,500.0 million”.

Bottle deposit

The deputy minister of climate and the environment informed that in the autumn the Ministry of Climate wanted to present a bill on the deposit system for selected types of packaging.

– We want to do it voluntarily, because we believe that the creation of such a system is economically viable. This solution has proved successful in other EU countries, and is not always mandatory there. That is why our initial proposal has this shape. Whether this system will be obligatory or voluntary will be influenced by the positions presented in the course of consultations. However, we will make a decision in this matter in the next step – announced Jacek Ozdoba.

When asked what kind of packaging will be covered by the deposit system: PET bottles, glass or aluminum cans, Ozdoba replied that it was too early for an answer and we should wait for the bill.

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