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Route A50/S50. People want to talk about the bypass. GDDKiA: the law does not require information meetings

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Residents of the areas where the Warsaw Agglomeration Bypass is planned protest against the proposed variants. They are demanding information meetings, but these have been suspended. The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways claims that additional analysis is needed, taking into account environmental and social issues. It also proves that such meetings are not required by law.

On Wednesday over a hundred residents of villages north of Grójec blocked a roundabout on the national “50”. They wanted to express their opposition to the variants of the planned S50 and A50 routes, commonly known as the Warsaw Agglomeration Ring Road. – We are surprised that all the proposed variants go through the municipality of Grójec. All the corridors that were discussed earlier bypassed our commune. Now this information fell on us like a thunderbolt from the blue – said Marlena Huszczak, one of the participants in the protest, a resident of the village of Mirowice.

People want to talk

The junction of the planned A50 motorway with the S7 route arouses the most emotions among the residents. On the subpage of GDDKiA devoted to the investment, you can find map clippings prepared by the Trakt company selected in a tender for the preparation of a “technical, economic and environmental study together with obtaining an environmental decision” for the section from DK92 to S7. The above-mentioned cuttings show that in two of the three variants the junction is located in the vicinity of Podole in the Grójec commune. Residents are afraid that such a course of the route will cause the complete destruction of Podolia, and will have a negative impact on the neighboring villages of Duży Dół and Lesznowola. On the other hand, the villages located to the east of the junction, e.g. Mirowice or Chudowola will be demolished for the construction of a road lane.

Protesters also complain about the lack of information. A meeting of GDDKiA with the residents is scheduled for March 8 at 2 pm in Grójec. They had many questions, but they didn’t ask them because the meeting was cancelled. The official reason given was “the need to conduct additional multifaceted analyses”. A new date has not been indicated.

– Nobody talks to us. The deadline for submitting feedback forms is March 28, and we have no information. We can’t ask for it. We are not against the investment, we want to talk – said Marta Gos, the chairwoman of the Circle of Country Housewives in Lesznowola and the organizer of Wednesday’s protest. – We expect a return to what was already planned, not a silent withdrawal from the optimal corridor and shifting the problem elsewhere – added Marlena Huszczak.

Management cancels meetings

Residents refer to the findings from the beginning of 2021, when during a series of meetings with the authorities of Mazovian communes where the motorway ring to the airport is to run, road engineers indicated – in their opinion – the most advantageous variant of the corridor.

According to Małgorzata Tarnowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of GDDKiA, the “effects of the study work” were presented at that time. – The developed corridor study is the first documentation specifying the location of the area corridor (not a variant) for a new road project. It is used for the initial assessment of the legitimacy of the investment intention for the investor and its further detailing – he explains.

Tarnowska further indicates that after the completion of study works and obtaining financing, a tender was announced for the next stage of preparatory work under the Technical-Economic-Environmental Study (STEŚ). – On December 22, 2021, we posted relevant information on our website and presented a map with the area in which the analyzes will be carried out – indicates the representative of road builders. – It is on the basis of these indications that we carry out the work designed on precise variants within the STEŚ framework. Proposals for variants were made available to the community and all stakeholders by the contractor selected in the course of the tender for information meetings – he adds.

Tarnowska emphasizes that “the participation of local communities in the preparation of the investment is expected and necessary.” But out of the nine information meetings planned for March, only one was held – in Wiskitki. The others, like those in Grójec, have been cancelled. However, the representative of road workers claims that information meetings are being organized.

– They are not required by law, but we organize them on our own initiative. Their goal is to involve the local community in the investment preparation process. However, after the development of detailed route variants under the STEŚ, public consultations required by law will be carried out during the process of issuing the decision on environmental conditions – he provides.

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Corridor study and the most advantageous variant GDDKiA

A no-investment variant is possible

STEŚ is to detail variants not only of the investment itself, but also of the entire accompanying infrastructure. This stage of work is also aimed at minimizing collisions along with determining the most favorable route.

– The environmental impact report prepared as part of the STEŚ will allow to assess the impact of each of the considered options on all elements of the environment, taking into account the variant involving the lack of implementation of the investment, i.e. the non-investment variant – points out Tarnowska.

The report will also specify how the different variants affect e.g. on health, monuments, cultural objects, soil, surface and underground waters, air, acoustics, or protected areas, including fauna and flora.

The project of detailed technical solutions for the new route is to be ready in mid-2024. GDDKiA is to apply for an environmental decision at the end of next year. This one, in turn, would be released in 2026.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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