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RSV is especially dangerous for children. Some departments are running out of places

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It attacks adults and children, but it can be especially dangerous for the youngest. Downright deadly dangerous. Symptoms of RSV infection include severe fever, cough and runny nose. There are hospitals where children’s wards are running out of free beds for patients.

There are fewer children in nurseries and kindergartens. So where are they? They are sick at home or in hospital. – Heads of pediatric hospitals are already reporting that up to 70-80 percent of hospital beds are filled by children diagnosed with RSV – warns Dr. Hab. Iwona Paradowska-Stankiewicz, national consultant in the field of epidemiology, National Institute of Public Health-National Institute of Hygiene.

RSV is the most dangerous virus for the smallest children and more contagious than influenza viruses. It is the most common cause of hospitalization in the youngest children. The symptoms associated with it include – apart from fever – problems with eating and, above all, breathing. – Very shortness of breath occurs. There are patients who need to be hospitalized. There are also children who need to be redirected to intensive care, says Katarzyna Pokorna-Hryniszyn from the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow. Children need help breathing during therapy.

A dangerous virus attacks. “We appeal for these smallest children to be protected”Marta Warchoł/Fakty po Południu TVN24

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Dangerous for children and seniors

– These terminal bronchioles are the diameter of a hair. Therefore, clogging of these airways with secretions, which is the biggest problem in this infection, results in shortness of breath. These children are unable to breathe, which is why they need a hospital – explains Dr. Ilona Derkowska from the Polanki Children’s Hospital in Gdańsk.

For Ignaś, things that the elders could handle without any problems became dangerous. – I have two sons, so they actually brought it home. They managed to get through it, but Ignaś is tiny, so it’s harder for him – says Małgorzata, Ignacy’s mother. This is a pattern that doctors also see. – If an older child brings such an infection home, the risk of the younger child getting sick is over 50 percent – warns doctor Ilona Derkowska.

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Not only the youngest are infected with the virus. RSV also attacks seniors. – They often tell stories that they were just playing with their grandson or granddaughter, and then they started to feel bad, and they often end up in the hospital or the emergency room. And it turns out that they are infected with the RSV virus – says Dawid Kacprzyk, a doctor from the Warsaw Southern Hospital. The virus is as dangerous for seniors as it is for the youngest. The peak of RSV infections occurs in January and February. Unfortunately for viruses, the next few days will be frosty. – If we have high frost, there is a chance that the viruses will calm down a bit – explains Katarzyna Pokorna-Hryniszyn.

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