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Ruda Slaska. A drunk driver hung on the barriers at the viaduct over DTŚ. He escaped by taxi, the taxi driver convinced him to return

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The 22-year-old driver did not know that the street ended with a viaduct. He was running ahead with permille in his body. He flew the car through a T-junction and hung on energy-absorbing barriers above the slope of a busy road. He got out and fled using the fare, but after talking to the taxi driver he returned to the scene of the collision.

The police, alerted to the collision, arrived on Saturday several minutes after midnight at 1 Maja Street in Ruda Śląska. There was a seat hanging on the energy-absorbing barriers, where the viaduct over the Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa begins. There was no one inside or around.

After a while, a taxi arrived there. A 22-year-old passenger got out and admitted to the police that he was responsible for the collision. A breathalyzer test showed more than 1.2 per mille in his body.

A drunk driver hung on energy-absorbing barriersSilesian police

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Alcohol, speed and landing on the railings on the viaduct

As it turned out, the young driver was driving along Klara Street. He didn't know that it ends at a T-junction with 1 Maja Street. As he approached the intersection, he failed to brake. Drunkenness and high speed did not help him.

As the Ruda police describe in the press release, the Seat flew with full force across the island on 1 Maja and landed on the metal barriers. The driver was very lucky not to fall off the overpass.

According to police information, the 22-year-old got out of the car and called his girlfriend to order him a taxi. While traveling by fare to Zabrze, neighboring Ruda Śląska, he told what happened. The taxi driver did not remain indifferent. As the police describe, he convinced the driver to return to the scene.

“The conversation with the taxi driver made him realize that there was no point in running away, because the police would get to him anyway,” we read in the message.

A drunk driver hung on energy-absorbing barriersSilesian police

The Seat was removed from the railings, the driver was examined

The Seat was removed from the railings and towed to the parking lot. The 22-year-old was taken to the police station in Ruda Śląska, where the police conducted a series of tests that would allow the expert to determine how much alcohol was in the driver's body at the time of the incident.

He faces a high fine and imprisonment for driving under the influence of alcohol.

A drunk driver hung on energy-absorbing barriersSilesian police

Main photo source: Silesian police

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