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Ruda Slaska. He aimed at policemen with firearms. They fired 16 rounds, he had 12 wounds, he did not survive

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There is a ballistic opinion on the 36-year-old Łukasz P. who – in April last year in Ruda Śląska – was fatally shot by police officers during an attempted arrest. It is known what gun the 36-year-old had, how many wounds he had and how many shots were fired. Now the prosecutor will question the officers.

Łukasz P. died in April 2021, when while trying to arrest, he rammed his car into police cars and aimed at the officers with a pistol. The prosecutor’s office in Ruda Śląska was waiting for a ballistics opinion for a long time. – She answers the prosecutor’s questions, describes the flight path of the missiles from which the weapons were fired and in which part of the deceased’s body – says Adam Grzesiczek, the head of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ruda Śląska.


They fired a total of 16 rounds

According to the opinion, two policemen used a service weapon during the intervention, one of them was firing automatic weapons. They fired 16 rounds in total, the 36-year-old had 12 wounds. “P. did not fire, but his gun was drawn,” said the prosecutor. Apart from the traces on P.’s body, the weapons and ammunition belonging to him were tested. It was confirmed that it was a firearm, not a dummy or, for example, a gas gun.

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The ballistics opinion is one of the last elements of the ongoing proceedings, and at the same time it is the starting point for interrogations of the policemen participating in the intervention – these will probably be the last steps in the investigation.

– After these activities, the prosecutor will make decisions as to the further course of the proceedings – he will assess whether the evidence indicates that the rights of the officers have been exceeded or not and in such a situation a decision will be issued to discontinue the proceedings – indicated the prosecutor, who noted that at the present stage, he does not want to prejudge what will happen in the investigation.

They had information that he was a dangerous person

The attempt to arrest the 36-year-old took place on April 19, 2021 in the Bykowina district of Ruda. The man was to be brought to the prosecutor’s office in Bytom. The policemen had information that he was a dangerous person who could have a gun, so in addition to the officers from the department combating drug crime from the provincial headquarters in Katowice, police counter-terrorists also took part in the arrest.

The police tracked the 36-year-old on one of the access roads to his apartment. As they reported, when the man realized that he was dealing with officers, he started to run away in his car. During the escape, he rammed the police cars with which his uniform tried to block his way. When he reached the escarpment and was no longer able to continue driving, he ran out of the car.

As described by the Silesian police, then he pulled out a gun and started pointing it at the policemen. Counter-terrorists fired warning shots, which the man ignored, then the uniform fired shots in his direction. The police medical team present at the scene resuscitated the injured, but the man died as a result of his injuries. Investigators secured live-ammunition weapons belonging to the 36-year-old on the spot.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Bytom informed that Łukasz P. was to be brought in to hear further charges of robbery extortion, which lasted from 2017 to October 2020, including the use of a knife, ax and screwdriver. In the same investigation, he had previously been accused of, inter alia, possession of significant amounts of drugs and forged police ID.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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