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Ruda Slaska. She called an ambulance because she couldn’t take the ring off. She received a fine of PLN 500

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An 18-year-old from Ruda Śląska called 999 and reported that she had overdosed on drugs and that her hand was swelling, and she had previously had heart problems. According to the police, she made up the report, adding drama to it “so that an ambulance would quickly come to her swollen finger.” She was fined PLN 500.

On Tuesday, around 11:40 p.m., an eighteen-year-old from Ruda Śląska called the emergency service number 999.

– In her first words she said that she had overdosed on drugs and her hand was swelling because she couldn’t take off the ring – describes Arkadiusz Ciozak, spokesman for the Ruda police. – The emergency operator focused on drugs and started asking the young woman what she was taking. She said mephedrone and psychoactive substances. She added that she had previously had heart problems. For these reasons, an ambulance was sent to her.

They only confirmed that my finger was swollen and issued a ticket

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Due to the suspicion of taking prohibited substances, a police patrol was sent to the scene, in addition to the ambulance service. The woman was waiting in front of the building.

– The eighteen-year-old was slightly under the influence of alcohol. The examination did not reveal that she had taken drugs, says Ciozak.

He adds that the report only confirmed that the woman had a swollen finger.

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“The thoughtless behavior of an 18-year-old resident of Ruda Śląska resulted in unnecessary actions by paramedics and police officers,” we read in the police statement. According to the police, the woman intentionally added drama to the report. “She made up the whole report because she wanted an ambulance to come quickly to her swollen finger.”

The 18-year-old was fined PLN 500 for – as we read in the announcement – “causing unnecessary action by the services, providing false information and misleading the emergency number operator.”

By calling services unnecessarily, you prevent quick help where it is needed

The police reminds that “misleading emergency services not only results in a fine, but above all may result in help being delivered too late for a person who really needs it.

– By calling the police, ambulance or fire brigade unnecessarily, you prevent these services from quickly reaching those who may really need immediate help – warn the police.

They called for an ambulance to collect pensions, injured animals, back pain and coughs. More than half of the reports are unfounded

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