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Ruda Slaska. Theft of a luxury Mercedes from a famous musician. The Russian is already in Polish custody, they are looking for a second person

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Two men were to come to the car wash with a red BMW with Austrian registration and beat a Mercedes driver. A 31-year-old Russian was captured in a stolen vehicle in the Czech Republic near Ostrava. He is already in custody in Polish Cieszyn. The second striker is still wanted. The recovered Mercedes is still in the Czech Republic.

A 31-year-old man with a Russian passport was caught red-handed in the Czech Republic near Ostrava – he was driving a luxury Mercedes stolen on the same day in Ruda Śląska. And the procedure of surrendering the suspect to the Polish side began.

– The prosecutor’s office issued a decision to present a charge of robbery in conjunction with bodily injury for a period of more than seven days and theft of documents – says Adam Grzesiczek, district prosecutor in Ruda Śląska, specifying that the crime of robbery includes theft of a car with the use of violence.

As she further explains, the default charge was a condition for the decision on pre-trial detention, which was issued by the district court in Ruda Śląska. – The detention order, in turn, enabled the district prosecutor to issue a national arrest warrant and to apply to the district prosecutor’s office in Gliwice to the district court in Gliwice for a European arrest warrant. It was only on the basis of the EAW that it was possible to bring the Russian to Poland – Grzesiczek is enumerating.

The 31-year-old is already in Poland – in a remand center in Cieszyn. From there, he will be brought to the prosecutor’s office in Ruda, where he will be charged.

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Investigators are still looking for the second attacker.

Mercedes, the prosecutor adds, is still in the Czech Republic and will probably be issued to Poland on the basis of the European Investigation Order, which consists in mutual legal assistance of EU countries in collecting evidence in criminal cases.


Attackers in a red BMW and a fight at the car wash

For the theft of a Mercedes GT R worth over a million zlotysh occurred on Wednesday, September 15th. Local media reported that the car is leased by a music producer and singer known in Silesia. In an interview with the tvn24.pl portal, Arkadiusz Ciozak, spokesman for the police from Ruda, confirmed this information. However, it was not the musician who was driving the car when it was stolen. With the consent of the owner, it was used by another, 42-year-old man.

According to the findings of the investigators, around 10 p.m., two men, suspected of theft, arrived at a self-service car wash in the district of Kochłowice in Ruda district of Kochłowice, on Austrian plates.

– The police were notified by a woman who was driving in the vicinity of the car wash. She said that she noticed a fight and an attempt to steal the car – says Ciozak.

The attackers severely beat the 42-year-old and fled. One BMW, one Mercedes. The 42-year-old was hospitalized with head injuries. And the policemen rode on the stolen car.

Car locator, highway chase and blockade in the Czech Republic

After talking to the 42-year-old, the policemen contacted the owner of the Mercedes. It turned out that the car has a device that allows you to track its position. The musician informed the police about the car’s position, read from a special monitoring application.

The highway police officers chased the Mercedes. The thief got through the A1 motorway to the Czech Republic. At the same time, the policemen from the Joint Contact Point in Kocobędz (Chotěbuz), in which policemen from the Czech Republic and Poland cooperate, organized a blockade on the Czech D1 motorway, which is an extension of our A1. A stolen Mercedes with a 31-year-old Russian at the wheel was detained outside Ostrava.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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