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Rudna. The disappearance of Kazimierz C. Remains were found under the floor of the house

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During renovation works in a single-family house in Rudna (Greater Poland Voivodeship), human remains were found. It is possible that they may belong to the former owner of the house, Kazimierz C., who disappeared 25 years ago and his body has not been found yet. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

Human remains were found on Tuesday during renovation works in the basement of a building in Rudna. – The new owner of the farm, who bought it at the end of last year, came across human bones while cleaning out the basement. Police officers from the District Police Headquarters in Piła were sent to the site, but soon afterwards the Provincial Police Commander in Poznań decided to send there policemen from the X-Files, from the forensic laboratory, as well as from the investigation department and the criminal department – says junior inspector Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman press release of the Greater Poland Police.

A prosecutor also worked on site. The remains were secured for examination at the Department of Forensic Medicine. – Initially, we can say that they stayed underground for many years – said Borowiak.

They know these are the remains of a man

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It is already known that these are the remains of a man. – This has already been determined by an expert anthropologist who was on site – says tvn24.pl prosecutor Łukasz Wawrzyniak, press spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday. – We are investigating this case and it will be handled by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań. We will determine whose remains these are and what was the mechanism of this man’s death – explains Wawrzyniak.

– It is obvious that these human remains were not found there by accident, so we will very carefully examine the past of this house, the people who lived there and owned it – adds Borowiak.

Mysterious disappearance

The building where the remains were found once belonged to Kazimierz C. The man disappeared 25 years ago and his fate has not been determined to this day. – We know that such a situation occurred and that such a person was reported missing in 1999. We will verify this. The autopsy and post-mortem examinations are to give us an answer as to who this person was, says tvn24.pl Wawrzyniak.

Investigators will want to determine the identity of this person based on DNA tests.

According to Onet.pl, the case is being handled by the police X-Files. After the man disappeared in 1999, his neighbors said unofficially that he was a difficult man who treated his family badly. Just before his disappearance, he allegedly drank alcohol with friends and then returned home. It was suggested that he may have been the victim of a family quarrel and his body was hidden. Another version linked his disappearance with Romani men with whom he traded horses.

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