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Rudno Third. The truck driver hit the roof of the gas station. Gas started leaking from the LPG tank

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There was a dangerous situation at the petrol station in Rudno Trzecie (Lubelskie Voivodeship). Gas began to leak from the LPG tank after the roof fell on it, which was caught by a truck driver maneuvering between stands.

Everything happened on Thursday (March 9) after 11.30 at the gas station in Rudno Trzecie in the Parczew district, on the national road number 63.

– The driver of the truck, maneuvering between the stands, hooked the semi-trailer on the roof, which then damaged the safety valve of the LPG gas tank – informs Captain Krzysztof Fila from the Poviat Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Parczew.

The roof fell on the lpg tankKP PSP in Parczew

They secured the facility, sealed the valve

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Propane-butane gas began to escape from the damaged tank. Two hosts (i.e. seven firefighters) from PSP in Parczew and three firefighters from TSO Milanów and TSO Rudno Drugie were sent to the site. A police patrol also arrived.

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The safety valve has been damagedKP PSP in Parczew

– The actions of the hosts consisted in securing the facility, designating and monitoring the danger zones and sealing the damaged valve – points out Capt. Fila.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened.

Firefighters sealed the damaged valveKP PSP in Parczew

Main photo source: KP PSP in Parczew

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