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Russia. 19 ways to take Russia money. #Mysanctions campaign

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Despite the sanctions imposed on the Vladimir Putin regime by many countries and the European Union itself, we continue to import fossil fuels from Russia. To limit the financing of the war machine, the creators of the #mysanctions campaign presented a list of 19 sanctions that each of us can apply. One of them spoke about it in “Get up and weekend” on TVN24.

Polish marketing practitioners, under the patronage of the International Advertising Association, prepared the “My Sanctions” campaign, addressed to residents of all EU countries. In collaboration with energy experts, they compiled a list of 19 sanctions aimed at restricting the import of fossil fuels from Russia.

– We closed our ranks and thought about what we as humans can do. Since we managed to help refugees from Ukrainenot at the state level, but at the social level, maybe, if politicians cannot get along, they argue over Orban and so on, maybe sanctions can also be imposed personally – Mateusz Galica, managing partner, said in the program “Get up and weekend” The Twenties Agency.

– It turns out that we, as European countries, spent 60 billion euros on fossil fuels in Russia, which means that over 600 million euros a day affects Putin’s account. It can be said that in this way we have provided this war machine with 15,000 modern tanks. So let’s ask ourselves what is this gas going for, what is this oil going for – said the TVN24 guest.

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#Mysanctions campaign – impose sanctions on PutinMysanction.com

List of “little things that can be done every day”

He pointed out that “gas goes, for example, for heating, so in one of the spots it says: lower the temperature by one degree, be healthier”. – Thanks to this, we will be able, we counted it in the case of Poland alone, according to current prices, over a billion zlotys less should be sent to Russian accounts – he pointed out.

Another idea as part of the #mysanctions campaign is to switch from a car to a bicycle. – One day a week, which means that one-seventh of the gasoline we burn may not be bought, we may not build a demand for oil and not buy it from the Putin regime. There are many benefits, because less money flows to Russia, less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we are healthier, and in the end more money is left – explained Galica.

He argued that the list of sanctions developed as part of the campaign was not created by accident. – We organized a think tank of scientists, experts in the field of energy and climate change and together we have compiled a list of 19 sanctions, little things that can be done every day without turning your life upside down, he explained.

#Mysanctions campaign. "We closed our ranks and thought about what we as humans can do"

#Mysanctions campaign. “We closed our ranks and thought about what we as humans can do”TVN24

A complete list of the 19 sanctions proposed by My Sanctions:

I will reduce the speed on highways by at least 10 km / h I will avoid business trips when there are alternatives I will give up the car at least one day a week I will turn off the engine when stopped for more than a minute I will lower the heating temperature in my home / work I will improve the tire pressure I will choose local products and ecological I will shorten the showers I will reduce the working time of electrical devices I will load the washing machine / dishwasher to the full If possible, I will work from home I will reduce the amount of water in the kettle to the necessary one I will increase the temperature on the air conditioner I will open the glass instead of using the air conditioning in the car I will not iron my clothes I will use stairs instead I will use the elevators Hot water only when necessary If possible, I will choose the train instead of the plane I will invest in LED bulbs

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