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Russia. 30 people die after drinking alcohol. Media: It was stolen from a police warehouse

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Alcohol, which at least 30 people have died in Russia, was stolen from a police warehouse in Samara, Radio Svoboda reported. One of the perpetrators is a police sergeant.

At least 30 people have died and dozens are hospitalized after being poisoned by counterfeit alcoholic beverages in several regions of Russia. Its producer was arrested on Tuesday for two months, Radio Swoboda reported.

All the victims consumed the low-alcohol drink Mister Cydr, produced in the Samara region by 32-year-old Anar Guseynov. As Radio Swoboda reports, the man has already been punished for an offense related to the sale of alcohol without the appropriate permits.

“It is impossible to distinguish methyl alcohol from ethyl alcohol”17.09. | – If someone drank alcohol and has problems with growth, this is a signal that should immediately raise anxiety – explained Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski from the Foundation Institute for Infection Prevention on TVN24. The doctor added that there is a chance to stop the negative effects of methanol, but it all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. TVN 24

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Industrial spirit was allegedly stolen from a police warehouse

On Thursday, the portal of Radio Svoboda reported that industrial, contaminated spirit was stolen from a police warehouse in Samara, a peripheral city located on the Volga River in European Russia.

The liquid containing methyl alcohol and ethyl butyrate has been stored in the warehouse since 2012. A police sergeant who stole a poisonous substance along with common criminals was detained, and two high-ranking Samara police officers were dismissed from their posts, the portal reported.

– No spirit is added to the cider at all, because it is produced by natural fermentation – said Paweł Shapkin, chairman of the National Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights. As he stated, “in order to save money, producers add alcohol of poor quality and without documents to it, which can lead to tragedy when methyl alcohol appears under the guise of ethyl alcohol.

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