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Russia. A descendant of the Romanovs is getting married for the first time in over a hundred years

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Petersburg for over a hundred years, that is, since the October Revolution that broke out in 1917. At the cathedral of Saint Isaac, a representative of the tsarist Romanov dynasty, 40-year-old Georgy Romanov, son of Princess Maria, is getting married.

The chosen one of Georgy Romanov is Rebecca Bettarini, the 39-year-old daughter of an Italian diplomat. “Niezamisimaja Gazieta” reported that at least 400 people had been invited to the ceremony. The guest list includes the descendants of the monarchs of Portugal, Albania and Bulgaria, the mother of the King of Spain and representatives of the ruling houses of Belgium and Liechtenstein, Radio Echo Moskvy reported. Refreshments for guests are prepared by the chef of the King of Belgium.

The wedding sacrament is given to the young couple by the Metropolitan of St Petersburg and Warsonofius of Ladia. Rebecca Bettarini converted to Orthodoxy earlier.

Georgy Romanov and Rebecca BettariniReuters


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The Russian Orthodox Church is not involved in disputes over the rights to the Russian throne. And after receiving the wedding fee, that is about 20,000 rubles (over PLN 1,000), she could not refuse to grant it – reported the portal of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, writing about the Saturday ceremony.

“Russia has long ceased to be a monarchy, the media in St. Petersburg, however, are actively discussing this event, calling it the wedding of the year and referring to Georgy Mikhailovich himself as” tsarevich “,” heir to the dynasty “,” Grand Duke. “Meanwhile, the Kremlin spokesman refused to comment on this matter. saying that “many weddings are held every day in Moscow and St. Petersburg.” He wished the newlyweds happiness “- wrote” Moskovsky Komsomolets “.

Georgy Romanov and Rebecca BettariniReuters

Contested title

Georgy Romanov’s mother, Maria Romanowa, who was born and lives in Spain, uses the title of Grand Duchess. In the past, she came to Russia. In 2016, she and her son visited Crimea, annexed by Russia. Georgy Romanov currently lives in Moscow and is engaged in charity work.

Maria Romanova’s grandfather was Grand Duke Cyril (Kirill) Vladimirovich, cousin of Nicholas II, who in the 1920s decided to restore the monarchy in France. He announced his adoption of the imperial title despite opposition from other representatives of the Romanov family living in Western Europe after the execution of the tsarist family in Russia. Cyril named his son Vladimir the title (also contested) Grand Duke, heir and emperor. After Vladimir, the status of head of the Romanov house went to Princess Maria as his daughter.

St. IsaacReuters

PAP, Niezawisimaja Gazeta, Moskovsky Komsomolets

Main photo source: Reuters

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