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Russia. A nearly naked party in Moscow with Russian celebrities has sparked huge controversy in the country

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Russian celebrities who took part face legal consequences, loss of advertising contracts and canceled concerts. “For the first time in a long time, the system opposed those who supported all its principles, as long as they were not applied to them,” said Maxim Katz, a Russian opposition activist in exile. The “almost naked party”, organized in one of Moscow’s clubs, aroused huge controversy in Russia – the BBC website writes on Wednesday.

What happened in the Moscow nightclub was strange, what happened next says a lot about the current atmosphere in Russia – writes the BBC website on Wednesday. On December 20, blogger and TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva organized an “almost naked party” at the Mutabor nightclub in Moscow.

“Dress code? More of a no dress code,” we read. Scantily clad pop stars and celebrities arrived for the evening. Including Russian rapper Vacio (Nikolai Vasiliev). He appeared wearing only sports shoes and a sock covering his private area.

It was a private party. However, it became very loud when videos and photos appeared on social media. Overnight, the Vacio sock became the most famous sock in Russia, but not in a good way, writes the BBC.

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The photos caused a huge stir in Russia. Pro-Kremlin bloggers, parliamentarians and support activists war in Ukraine they were furious, they asked: how can celebrities party so much while Russian soldiers risk their lives in a “special military operation”?

Rapper Vacio was arrested and jailed for 15 days for “inappropriate behavior”. He was also fined PLN 200,000. rubles (over PLN 8.5 thousand) for “promoting non-traditional sexual relations.”

The organizer of the “almost naked event”, Nastya Ivleeva, is also facing legal consequences. More than 20 people have signed a class action lawsuit against the TV presenter. They are demanding that she pay one billion rubles (over PLN 42 million) to the Defender of the Fatherland Foundation, an organization that transfers money to participants of the Kremlin’s “special operation” in Ukraine.

“They say Russia knows how to forgive”

Other participants of the event also drew attention. Their concerts are to be canceled and their advertising contracts are to be terminated. Some stars are to be cut from pre-recorded New Year’s Eve entertainment programs on Russian television. Celebrities post on social media – some apologizing for their presence, others insisting they did nothing wrong.

– I realize that I made a mistake – said musician Filip Kirkorov, now fully clothed. – I do not want such an event, my mistake, to limit my career in Russia, the only country where I exist as an artist and a citizen – he said.

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– I was wearing a polo shirt, a large trench coat, trousers and shoes – explained pop star Dima Bilan. – I couldn’t know in advance what the other guests would be wearing – she added.

The organizer, Nastya Iwlejeva, also spoke. – They say that Russia knows how to forgive. If so, I would like to ask you, the people, for a second chance, she said in a video posted on social media. – If the answer is no, then I am ready for a public execution. I won’t hesitate. I’m ready for any result, she declared.

The Kremlin is looking for more scapegoats

As the BBC notes, some celebrities, after the Kremlin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, made a conscious decision to stay in Russia and continue their careers there, and often also their lavish lifestyle. Public criticism has so far been directed at those anti-war stars who left Russia.

Russia’s political system appears to be increasingly based on scapegoats. He needs groups or individuals he can point to and blame for problems at home and abroad. So far, the scapegoats have been Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, EU and NATO. It seems that several Russian stars are on the list – we read on the British website.

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In a social media post, exiled Russian opposition activist Maksym Katz summed up the events as follows: “In the past, there was a simple social contract with people who went to such events: do whatever you want, as long as you remain loyal,” he wrote.

“But life is no fun now. These ostentatious displays contrast with the reality outside. You can’t party nonchalantly in a country at war. For the first time in a long time, the system stood up to those who supported all its policies, as long as they were not theirs.” used,” he added.

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