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Russia. A rebellious gesture in Vladimir Putin’s campaign staff. The soldier’s wife demanded his return from the Ukrainian front

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An incident occurred at President Vladimir Putin’s election headquarters in Moscow. An activist of the “Road Home” organization, which brings together relatives of Russian soldiers fighting on the Ukrainian front, got into a heated argument with a supporter of the armed invasion. The Reuters agency, reporting on this event, writes about a “rebellious gesture in a country where open criticism of the war is prohibited.”

Vladimir Putin he decreed that my husband should be there (v Ukraine – ed.). I wonder when he will issue a decree that my husband must stay at home, said Marija Andreeva, quoted by Reuters, which reported that these words were spoken at the Moscow campaign headquarters of the current president, who is running for another term.

Andreeva also got into a heated argument with a woman staying there, who allegedly told her that Russian soldiers in Ukraine “are defending their homeland and she should pray for them.”

In response to a comment from a supporter of armed invasion Russia to Ukraine, the wife of a soldier fighting there said that the Ministry of Defense was trying to “squeeze” the “last life” out of the servicemen. – So that they come back to us as stumps? Will they give me back my stump? What will I get in return? A man without legs, without arms, a sick man? Don’t you know what’s going on there? – she shouted surrounded by staff members.

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Marija Andreyeva in Vladimir Putin’s election campaign REUTERS

“The Way Home”

According to the independent Russian online television Current Times, Andreeva is one of the most important faces of the “Road Home” organization, which brings together loved ones of soldiers demanding their return from the Ukrainian front. According to Reuters, her emotional behavior “revealed the depth of anger and despair among military families fighting in a nearly two-year war with no end in sight.”

Current Times reported that Andreeva’s husband and brother have been fighting in Ukraine for over a year. The woman demands their return, going to rallies and “knocking” on the doors of various institutions.

In September 2022 Putin announced a “partial mobilization” that was to include 300,000 soldiers. The authorities in the Kremlin claim that there will be no further mobilization because “hundreds of thousands of people have voluntarily joined the ranks of contract soldiers.” Last December, Putin signed a decree providing for an increase in the size of the army by 170,000 soldiers.

Putin met with soldiers taking part in the armed invasion of UkrainePAP/EPA/GAVRIIL GRIGOROV/SPUTNIK/KREMLIN POOL

Meetings with the families of fallen soldiers

Reuters recalled that in December (last year), Putin decided to meet with soldiers to announce that he was running for a new, six-year term in March. elections presidential.

Putin also often appears with the families of soldiers who died on the Ukrainian front. During such meetings, the president praises the fallen for their “sacrifice and heroism.”

Andreeva told Reuters that “the authorities are in no rush to address the problems of soldiers’ families” who are demanding their return home.

She also admitted that her daughter suffers from delayed speech development due to her father’s absence. She claimed that all her family’s problems could be solved by only one thing, demobilizing her husband, because her daughter “becomes a completely different child when her father comes home.”

Main photo source: Reuters

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