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Russia. A series of incidents at Russian airlines

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The second plane of a Russian airline this week broke down during a flight, the independent website The Moscow Times wrote on Sunday. He recalled that the number of aviation incidents in Russia increased dramatically after the introduction of American and EU sanctions due to the armed invasion of Ukraine.

An Aeroflot Boeing-777 passenger plane, flying from Moscow to China's Guangzhou, made an emergency landing in Irkutsk due to a technical failure, The Moscow Times reported, citing reports from the East Siberian transport prosecutor's office.

Aeroflot explained that the commander decided to land “due to the oil level indicator in one of the engines.” The landing took place “with both engines on,” wrote an independent portal, which quotes the statement of Russia's largest airline.

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Boeing-777 by Aeroflot. Illustrative photo Shutterstock

40 minutes in flight

The Moscow Times noted that this was the second plane accident this week. On May 6, an Airbus A321 of the Severny Vetier (Nordwind) airline, flying from Moscow to Orenburg, broadcast an emergency signal in the air and returned to the Moscow airport.

The plane spent about 40 minutes in flight and, as a result of depressurizing the pilot's cabin, it lowered the altitude to three thousand meters. At some point he also disappeared from radar.

Two days later, the Fontanka portal wrote that the afternoon flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow was canceled due to the technical failure of the plane. “The machine was towed to the parking lot. 174 passengers were waiting for the next flight,” Fontanka reported.

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After the introduction of sanctions

The number of plane accidents in Russia has increased dramatically following the introduction of US and EU sanctions due to the armed invasion of Ukraine. Last year, at least 74 various types of failures of Russian aircraft were recorded in the air, which is 38 more than in 2022, The Moscow Times reported, citing data from the specialized JACDEC center in Hamburg.

Independent analyzes show that there were almost 10 accidents for every 100,000 flights in Russia, compared to five a year earlier. The accidents were related to, among others: with an engine fire or other failure during the flight, damage to the landing gear during landing, as well as improper operation of flaps, which led to the machines deviating from the course.

In 2024, the series of air incidents continued – wrote The Moscow Times, recalling that, e.g. Russian Airlines planes had engine problems 20 times.

Before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the fleet of Russian companies numbered 1,031 aircraft. Almost two-thirds of the fleet consisted of machines manufactured by Boeing and Airbus.

– Sanctions imposed on Russian airlines have made it much more difficult to maintain the airworthiness of aircraft and their technical condition – aviation expert Aleksandr Łanetsky told The Moscow Times. He said that after losing access to Western technologies, some Russian airlines developed their own aircraft repair and maintenance programs. – These improvised approaches raise concerns about potential consequences and flight safety – added Łaniecki.

The Moscow Times, Fontanka

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