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Russia. Aleksandr Gruszko: NATO is preparing for a clash with Russia

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According to the Russian propaganda news agency TASS, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Grushko said that “everything that NATO doing today is the preparation of the North Atlantic Alliance for a possible military clash z Russia“.

– The ongoing military exercises show how all concepts of security were rejected cooperative and NATO returned to the security patterns of the Cold War, he added.

Aleksander Gruszko: NATO has started a hybrid war

Aleksandr Gruszko accuses NATO of starting a hybrid war against Russia.

– In the economic sphere, for our country thousands of illegal sanctions were imposed, in the ideological sphere, there is a demonization of Russia, and one of the latest messages is the announcement that if NATO is defeated in Ukraine, then Russia will certainly attack the next day Poland and the Baltic states, which independence was recognized in the USSR – noted the diplomat.

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Let us recall that in April, exactly on the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the North Atlantic Alliance, the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs said that dialogue between the Kremlin and NATO representatives is at “zero and critical level”.

Grushko also assured then that Moscow “has no war intentions towards the Alliance's member countries.” – Are they ready for open conflict with Russia? We need to ask NATO members themselves, he said.

Tense relations between Russia and NATO. “The channel remains open”

Gruszka's statement about the “critical level of dialogue with NATO” stuck quickly subdued by the Russian ambassador in Belgium.

– Dialogue between Russia and NATO in the current situation is not supported due to the Alliance's aggressive course aimed at undermining the security of the Russian Federation, but the channel for transmitting information remains open – said Alexander Tokovinin.

The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in 1949 Washington representatives of 12 countries: USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, ItalianLuxembourg, Netherlands, NorwayPortugal and Great Britain. The alliance was created as a counterweight to the Soviet Union and was intended to maintain the presence of American troops in Europe after World War II.

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