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Russia. Alexei Navalny addresses ironic conclusions to the authorities of the penal colony

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While in a Russian penal colony, Alexei Navalny published on Facebook on Friday excerpts from his correspondence with the prison administration, in which he ironically details his absurd requests. The leader of the Russian opposition demanded, inter alia, to deliver moonshine and a kangaroo to his cell.

“When you are sitting in a penal solitary cell and have little entertainment, you can play with correspondence with the administration,” Navalny wrote.

Among his requests, which were eventually rejected by the prison management, were: giving a prisoner in a nearby cell a megaphone “to shout even louder” and awarding the highest degree in karate (10 dan) to another prisoner who “killed a man with his bare hands”.

In his letters, Navalny also asked for moonshine, tobacco for rolling cigarettes, a balalaika, a kimono with a black belt, a massage chair for the commander of the guard squad, he also wanted to know the names of all prison dogs “to make friends with them” and asked for permission to breed in the cell of the May beetle.

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He also expressed ironic indignation when he was denied permission to keep a kangaroo in a cell. “I will continue to fight for my inalienable right to own a kangaroo. I cannot pass it up. According to internal regulations, a convict can keep an animal with the permission of the administration,” wrote Navalny, who will celebrate his 47th birthday on Sunday.

Navalny arrested and convicted in Russia

Alexei Navalny he was arrested in January 2021 after returning to Russia from Germany, where he was treated after an attempted poisoning. According to the oppositionist, the attempt on his life was organized by the Russian special services.

In February 2021, the court suspended Navalny’s old prison sentence for alleged financial fraud. In March 2022, the politician received another sentence – nine years in a maximum security penal colony on charges of embezzlement and contempt of court.

Alexei NavalnyCNN

Two months later, Navalny was indicted in another case, concerning “forming an extremist organization”, and in October, the list of charges was added to the list of charges including “promoting terrorism” and “rehabilitating Nazism”.

The next trial of Navalny has been set for June 6 in connection with the accusations of “creating an extremist organization”, “promoting terrorism” and “rehabilitating Nazism”. He is facing up to 30 years in prison for this.

Navalny is currently in a penal colony in Mielechowo, about 250 east of Moscow.

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