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Russia. Alexei Navalny is dead. Russians lay flowers at the monuments of the victims of repression

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After reports of Alexei Navalny’s death, residents of some Russian cities began to lay flowers at the monuments of victims of political repression. Early on Friday, prosecutors warned against mass protests in Moscow.

According to the Russian independent website Meduza, Alexei Navalny was commemorated by laying flowers at the monuments to the victims of political repression in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, Ulyanovsk and Kazan.

In turn, the independent television Nastoyashchee Vremya (Current Time) reported that Russians were laying flowers at the Solovetsky Stone, commemorating the victims of repression. The monument is located on Lubyansky Square, in front of the headquarters of the former KGB (currently the Federal Security Service).

In the capital city Russia flowers were laid, among others in the Marino district, where Navalny once lived. In St. Petersburg, a photo of Navalny was placed next to flowers.

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“Who is next?”

The Astra portal reports about laying flowers in Kirov, and the Govorit NieMoskva channel reported on Telegram that a similar action took place in Tomsk, Kazan, Pskov, Perm, Tver and Izhevsk.

In some cities, the authorities responded to the laying of flowers by blocking access to monuments to the victims of political repression with tape.

Commemoration of Navalny at the monument to the victims of political repression in Kazan Reuters

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In Novosibirsk, a young woman from the city stood on the street in a one-person picket with a poster reading “Who’s next?”. The police asked why she was doing it, but they did not stop her, Radio Swoboda reported.

A resident of Murmansk also went on a solo picket, holding a poster with the inscription “Alexei Navalny was killed… His blood is on your hands, Vova” (diminutive of Vladimir – ed.). She was detained.

Photo of Navalny in Yekaterinburg REUTERS

Detained for a poster with the inscription “Alexei Navalny died today”

In Moscow, a woman was detained for going out into the street with a poster saying “Alexei Navalny died today.” She was detained for “calling for mass action”, although there were no appeals online, and everyone commemorating Navalny decides to do so on their own initiative.

The Moscow prosecutor’s office warned residents on Friday against any “unauthorized” demonstrations in central Moscow.

He died suddenly in a penal colony

Russian prison services announced on Friday that Navalny died suddenly in a penal colony above the Arctic Circle in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in the Far North. Navalny “felt bad” and “lost consciousness.” Despite calling an ambulance and resuscitation attempts, the oppositionist died, according to the prison services.

This January, three years have passed since Navalny he was arrested and imprisoned after returning to Russia from Germany, where he was undergoing treatment after a poisoning attempt, most likely carried out by the Russian secret services. The authorities initiated further criminal cases against him, resulting in sentences totaling over 30 years of imprisonment.

PAP, Current Tine meduza.io

Main photo source: REUTERS

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