Russia. Anti-Israel attack on the airport in Dagestan ISW: Russian authorities avoid harsh penalties for participants


The Russian authorities are avoiding imposing harsh penalties on the participants of the anti-Israel attack on the airport in Dagestan on October 29, notes the American think tank Institute for War Studies (ISW) in its latest analysis.

Participants in anti-Semitic riots are only charged with minor administrative crimes. So far, 394 people have been charged with violating the rules on organizing assemblies, and 18 have been charged with violating the rules for organizing an assembly in a public place.

According to ISW, the Russian authorities may avoid more serious penalties for anti-Semitism in the North Caucasus for fear of causing dissatisfaction with the Kremlin.

At the same time, some Russian ultranationalists are calling for increased Russian government control to suppress the alleged spread of Islamic extremism in Dagestan, write American analysts.

ISW reports that recently the Russian authorities detained a representative of the Dagestan authorities on corruption charges. Analysts believe that this may be an attempt to satisfy people who are calling for an increased response from the federal authorities to the events in this republic.

Storming the airport in Dagestan on October 29

Riots at the airport

October 29 to the airport in Dagestan, a Russian region inhabited mainly by Muslims, about a thousand people entered in search of Israelis. Earlier, for several days, information appeared on social media that “refugees from Israel” were to be brought to Dagestan.

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