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Russia. Artur Smolyaninov, the star of “Putin’s favorite movie” recognized as a “foreign agent”

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Artur Smolyaninov, a Russian actor known, among others, for his role in the film “9th Company”, stayed in Russia as a “foreign agent” after the last interview in which he criticized the aggression against Ukraine. The star, once described as the “Russian Rambo”, has already spared no words of criticism against the Kremlin’s actions. He has been in exile since last year.

Over the weekend, the TASS news agency reported that the local justice ministry recognized Smolyaninov as a “foreign agent”. According to CNN, the chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Aleksandr Bastrykin, also ordered the initiation of a criminal case against the actor. This is the aftermath of an interview Smolyaninov gave to a journalist from Novaya Gazeta Europa last week. – I only feel hatred for people on the other (Russian) side of the front – admitted the actor who is currently in exile. As he added, his “former colleague” went to fight on the side Russia. – Would I shoot him? Without any doubts! he said. The question of your possible fight on the side Ukraine called it an “open option.” – If I had to go to this war, I would fight only for Ukraine – he stressed.

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Smolyaninov sings about “Russian night”

Artur Smolyaninov’s position on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was known even before he gave his last high-profile interview. He recently recorded his version of a Soviet WWII song with altered lyrics. In it, he sings about the occupier, homes for mothers without electricity, children sitting in shelters and how “the Russian night reached schools and hospitals”.

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Arthur SmolyaninovKrasnova Alexandra / TASS / Forum

In another line, he mentions “a bunker where one führer is hiding and a bald cook is feeding the führer with a spoon”. This is a clear reference to Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner Group, commonly referred to as “Putin’s cook.”

Smolyaninov first criticized the attack on Ukraine in the summer of 2022. While still in Russia at the time, in one of his interviews he called the war a “catastrophe” as a result of which “everything collapsed”. In October last year, a Moscow district court imposed a fine of 30,000 on Smolyaninov. rubles (approx. PLN 1.9 thousand) on charges of discrediting the Russian armed forces. In the same month, the actor left Russia. He is currently staying at Latvia.

Smolyaninov, quoted by CNN, admitted that he had crossed the Russian-Norwegian border on foot: – It is enough to walk 30 meters and there are completely different people in front of you. They are so gentle. Even their appearance is different.

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The star of “Putin’s favorite movie”

Smolyaninov, often described as the “Russian Rambo”, appeared in a number of films (“The Eight”, “1612”, “Rusałka”), and gained worldwide fame for his role of “February” in “9 Company”, Fyodor Bondarchuk’s directorial debut in 2005 year, telling the story of young soldiers during the Soviet war campaign in Afghanistan. The film, dubbed “one of Putin’s favourites,” was so popular right after its premiere that the Russian president welcomed the cast and crew, including Smolyaninov, to his residence near Moscow in November 2005, where he held a special screening of the film.


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Main photo source: Krasnova Alexandra / TASS / Forum

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