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Russia. Attack on Russian Engels Air Base. Surveillance footage, explosion on video

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The explosion at the Russian military airport Engels-2 was recorded by a surveillance camera mounted on a nearby apartment building. Footage released by Reuters shows a powerful flare illuminating the night sky. Moscow accuses Ukraine of hitting the base. Kyiv denies having organized the attack.

The Kremlin said on Monday there were two drone attacks on airports near the cities of Ryazan and Engels, several hundred kilometers from the border with Russia. Ukraine. Moscow accused the authorities in Kiev of this act. According to official information, three military personnel were killed, four people were injured, and two planes were “slightly damaged”.

The Ukrainian side has not officially confirmed its connection with these events. On Tuesday morning, there were reports of another drone attack, this time on Kursk airport, about 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. According to the governor of Kursk Oblast, no dead or injured were reported.

An explosion at a Russian base recorded by surveillance

On Tuesday, the Reuters agency published a video from a surveillance camera installed in a housing estate near Russia’s Engels-2 air base, which shows the moment of the explosion. At the moment of the explosion, a flash of a powerful explosion appears briefly in the sky. The Reuters agency confirmed the authenticity of the video, comparing the city structures on it to archival photographs of the area.

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Explosion at the Russian military airport Engels-2Reuters

The effects of the attack on satellite photos

Satellite images published by ImageSat International (ISI) show damage to the Diaghilev air base near Razan.

Ukraine has not directly claimed responsibility for the attacks. If indeed Ukrainian forces are behind them, they would be the deepest strikes on the territory Russia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Destruction at the Diaghilev airbase near Razan on satellite photosReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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