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Russia. Attack on the radar station. Western experts criticize Ukraine

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A Ukrainian drone hit a Russian radar stationwhich can track nuclear missiles, triggered concerns in the West. The Kremlin could use this situation as a pretext for a nuclear retaliatory attack.

According to Mauro Ghilli, a military expert from Zurich, there was a Ukrainian attack “tactical success”because it forced Russia to redeploy air defense systems and also gave a signal that “Russian military facilities are not indestructible.”

“We can debate performance and merit, but the logic is strategic,” Ghili said.

Russia. Ukraine attacked a strategic facility. Experts criticize

Meanwhile, other Western analysts agree that Kiev should refrain from doing so attacks on Russian infrastructure nuclear.

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This is a stupid decision on Ukraine's part – said Hans Christensen, an American nuclear arsenal expert.

Norwegian military analyst Tord Are Iversen, in turn, said that the attack on the Russian warning system was “not a good idea, especially in times of tension”.

In everyone's interest It is important that the Russian ballistic missile warning system works well, he said.

A similar opinion was expressed by Fabian Hoffmann, an expert in the field of rocket technology from Oslo.

– Ukraine and its NATO allies continue they must be carefulbecause some U.S. and some European officials thought the radar attack was imprudent, he said.

– I have some concerns about how politically wise this decision was, as it may have negative consequences for Ukraine in the future in the form of targeted restrictions, he noted.

Russia. Ukraine damaged a Russian facility. Risk of provocation

Kiev officially confirmed that on Thursday it attacked a strategic facility located in… Armavir, on the border of Krasnodar Kraidamaging the system providing conventional air defense, as well as being part of Moscow's nuclear warning system.

The Kremlin treats its nuclear military facilities as prestigious and considers the attack on them to be provocation.

Russia has deployed one of the most modern radar systems in the country along the border – Voronezh station. It has a reach of approximately 6.5 thousand. km and can track 500 objects simultaneously, incl long-range ATACMS missiles delivered to Ukraine earlier this year by the US.

Moscow has not yet commented on the Ukrainian attack. Ukrainian media point out that it took place shortly after Russia started tactical exercises with nuclear missiles in Southern Military District.

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