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Russia bans gender reassignment. “It’s purely fascist law”

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This law will not make Russia less transgender, but it will create a convenient appearance for such propaganda. The Russian Duma on Friday passed a law that in practice bans gender reassignment procedures. Medical and legal assistance to persons who are prisoners in their own bodies will be prohibited. It’s like pushing us into oblivion, says one of them, Elle, who fled Russia to be herself.

These are anti-human laws, and the Russian Duma passed them unanimously. Unanimously in all three readings.

– Congratulations. This is a good gift for the day of a healthcare worker. Our society will now be healthy. What could be better for a doctor? We must rejoice, – said Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the Duma.

The reason for the joy of the Duma deputies is to be the law that completely prohibits health professionals from providing psychological and medical assistance in all aspects of gender reassignment. It is about the ban on performing surgical procedures, as well as the use of hormonal therapy. The regulations also exclude the possibility of conducting a legal gender reassignment procedure.

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“Transgender people in Russia are scared and desperate,” says Nef Cellarius, coordinator of the “Coming Out” group. Now – as the doctors themselves say – they will simply remain without help.

– Transgenderism will not go away. Patients will prescribe these drugs themselves, they will self-medicate. They will simply be left without medical care – emphasizes surgeon Andrei Istranov.

Ukraine: same-sex partnerships may be legalized. The war changed the perception of LGBT+Justyna Zuber/Facts about the world TVN24 BiS

Those who can flee Russia

The new law simply pushes transgender people in Russia into oblivion. – It’s not just discrimination. This is a law that actually prohibits people from seeking medical care, and it is purely a fascist law. I can’t call it anything else,” says Elle Solomina, a transgender Russian living in Georgia.

Elle fled Russia for Georgia just after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Although she is safe there, she now trembles for the part of the community left behind in Russia. She is especially concerned with teenagers.

Trans teens understand that as adults, they won’t be able to just exist. That means they won’t be able to get any help. And what we all really fear is that the number of suicide attempts will increase. Statistics in Russia are already very high, says Elle Solomina.

According to official figures from the Russian Institute of Public Health, 72 percent of transgender people in Russia suffer from depression or have attempted suicide. “I think this law will only increase,” says Nef Cellarius.

Unfortunately, only a handful of people can afford to flee the country. – According to our data, more than 50 percent of transgender people in Russia do not have a stable job and a stable salary. This is a very poor social group and therefore very vulnerable – informs Nef Cellarius. – I received many letters with messages like: “I don’t know what to live for”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I don’t have money to leave the country”, “What should I do?”. And it is very difficult, he adds.

Ordinary Russians did not demand this right

Richard managed to leave the country. He lives in Sarajevo, from there he tries to help others. – Those who have such an opportunity are leaving or have already left the country. We try to help as much as we can – says Richard Volkov, musician, transgender Russian. In his opinion, the transgender community in Russia is being terrorized because of the failures of the Russian army on the Ukrainian front. “Personally, I think it’s to divert public attention away from the war,” he says.

– It was to be expected. Putin cannot boast of a victory at the front in the war he started in Ukraine, so he tries to fight in this way, restricting people’s rights, agrees Nef Cellarius.

The new legislation adopted by the Duma also changes the Russian Family Code – it lists gender reassignment as a reason for annulment of marriage and makes it possible to add gender reassigned people to the list of those who cannot become foster or adoptive parents. Nobody asked for it at all.

– The society did not demand this right. Most people in Russia do not deal with the topic of transgender people, because there are few of us in the population. It’s hard to really say how these bans can positively affect the lives of the remaining Russians, comments Elle Solomina.

“I don’t think society really has an opinion about transgender people. That is, transgenderism may seem strange and incomprehensible to Russian society, but certainly no one sees it as a threat. My personal experience is that ordinary people supported me, – says Richard Wołkow.

The Kremlin’s anti-LGBT+ crusade

The Kremlin has been on a crusade against the LGBT+ community for a long time. Officially, it’s supposedly about protecting the country’s traditional values ​​from Western culture

– We preserve Russia for posterity, with its cultural and family values, traditional foundations, and we put a barrier to the penetration of Western anti-family ideology – argues Pyotr Tolstoy, deputy chairman of the Duma.

Last December, Vladimir Putin signed a law extending restrictions on what he described as “LGBT promotion.” In practice, the regulations prohibit any mention of homosexuality, including by adult private persons. Fines for them amount to PLN 30,000. Companies can face a fine of up to PLN 300,000.

– I cannot find any explanation other than the fact that in a totalitarian model of government it is simply necessary for people to live in fear. And that’s it, comments Elle Solomina.

The latest law, before it enters into force, still needs to be approved by the Federation Council and signed by President Vladimir Putin. It’s just formalities.

Facts about the world TVN24 BiS

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