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Russia – Belarus. Natural gas – there is a new agreement between Belarus and Russia

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Russia and Belarus have agreed that Moscow will continue to supply natural gas to Belarus at the 2022 price, the Belarusian energy ministry said on Tuesday. The agreement is to be in force until the end of 2025.

Belarusa close ally of Moscow, paid $128.50 for 1,000 cubic meters of Russian gas in 2022, well below the price paid by Russian gas consumers in the European Union, Reuters noted.

Russian gas in Europe

The export of Russian gas to Europe via gas pipelines fell by 45% in 2022. year-on-year, to one of the lowest levels since the collapse of the USSR, according to data from the Russian state-owned oil company Gazprom and Reuters calculations published late last year.

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In mid-February this year Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow in Polskie Radio 24 reported that “there is no more gas, no LNG gas, no pipeline gas; no gas from Russia“.

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