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Russia, Belgorod, Russian stormtrooper “lost” two bombs over Belgorod, experts comment

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Belgorod authorities on Sunday canceled the state of emergency introduced after the incident involving the Su-34 fighter, which “lost” two bombs over the city. According to former Russian military pilots speaking to independent journalists, it was only a “lucky coincidence” that prevented one of them from exploding.

Belgorod local media reported that state of emergency in the city has been in force since Saturday, when a second bomb was found, which was “lost” by a Russian Su-34 fighter that flew over the city on Thursday late evening. The bomb stuck in the ground at a depth of seven meters, about 200 meters from where it was cargo exploded (according to official reports – accidentally) by the same plane.

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Portals in Belgorod published photos of a long column of buses that transported people living near the place where the cargo was found. The bomb didn’t explode. According to former Russian military aviators, speaking for the independent portal Sota, it was a “happy coincidence”.

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Sota’s interlocutors said that the bomb, taken on Saturday by sappers to the training ground, did not have an impact detonator. It was probably set to explode before hitting the ground, which did not happen because the bomb may have been old and some of its components may have rusted, former airmen explained.

Russian services at the site where the bomb was found Reuters

Russian soldiers at the site where the second bomb was found Reuters

Jokes about the “bombing of Voronezh”

“A tragedy that could have claimed many lives was only averted by a miracle,” the editor-in-chief of the banned Russia Aleksandr Ryklin, an independent magazine “Ezhednievnyj Zhurnał”, referring to the event in Biegłorod. – In this nightmarish way, common jokes about the “bombing of Voronezh” come true (located next to Belgorod, the authorities of this city accused the Ukrainian armed forces of the alleged attacks – ed.). The Russians have to get used to the idea that the longer this war goes on, the more cases there will be. Living in cities near the frontline becomes simply dangerous, added Ryklin.

According to oppositionist Leonid Gozman, “Moscow is so unwilling to recognize technical possibilities Ukraine bombing Russian cities, that she admitted what the Su-34 lost over Belgorod.” – This is somewhat unexpected. Everything else is completely logical. The armament of Putin’s army is not only imperfect, but it becomes deadly to its own citizens – added the politician.

The moment of the explosion in Belgorod Reuters

Not the first case

Independent Russian Internet television Nastoyashcheye Vremya reminded that the bomb explosion in Belgorod is not the first such event in Russia recently.

“October 17, 2022, in the city of Yeysk, a Su-34 bomber fell on a residential skyscraper. More than ten people died then. On October 23, last year, a Su-30 crashed into a one-story house in Irkutsk. Two pilots died,” the station recalled. Her interlocutors claimed that the crew of the Su-34, which “lost” two bombs in Belgorod, was probably tasked with bombing Ukrainian Kharkiv from a long distance.

In the place where the first bomb, dropped “accidentally” by the crew of the plane, exploded, a crater with a diameter of 20 meters was created. At least three people were injured. Several buildings and cars were damaged.

Belgorod. Residents and representatives of the authorities at the site of the bomb explosion BELGOROD GOVERNOR VYACHESLAV GLA

The place after the bomb explosion in Belgorod PAP/EPA

The place after the bomb explosion in Belgorod PAP/EPA

Russian bomber "lost" bomb in Belgorod

A Russian bomber “lost” a bomb in Belgorod Reuters

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Main photo source: Reuters

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