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Russia. China sends dual-use goods. They bypass sanctions

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During Thursday meeting of Vladimir Putin with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing, the main point of discussion was trade relations between the countries.

As Sky News writes, China does not supply Russia with weapons, but sends them a huge number of other goods, which Moscow uses in its war with Ukraine. It's about tools like chips semiconductor, navigation equipment, jet parts or ball bearings.

These goods are considered as dual-use materials, as they can also be imported for civilian purposes. This often means that their transport to Russia is blocked sanctions are less effective.

China and Russia. Huge supplies of equipment

The American think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has collected revealing data scale of Chinese exports dual-use goods to a neighboring country.

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CSIS lists them under the term “essential military goods”. electrical equipment, machines, vehicles and materials such as iron, steel, plastic or rubber.

Another of the dual-use materials is nitrocellulose. Its exports from China to Russia increased from almost zero before the war to 1,300. tons in 2023.

Due to its high flammability, nitrocellulose is used as a material for gunpowder and rockets, which makes it one of the dual-use products that can be used for both military and civilian purposes.

Nitrocellulose. Russia gets it, the lack slows down NATO

– China always treats the export of military products prudently and responsibly strictly control the export of dual-use items, including drones for civilian use – yes Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin commented on the allegations in this case.

While Russia has managed to double its imports from Western producers, there is a global shortage of nitrocellulose, which slows down the efforts of NATO countries to increase the production of artillery ammunition.

As Unian adds, a significant part of the materials supplied to Russia comes from shell companies, located in Moscow-friendly countries in the region Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

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