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Russia – China. Xi Jinping in Moscow made an “inspection of the new leader of Russia”, according to Oleksiy Danilov

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Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his visit to Moscow, “inspected the future leader of Russia” and invited him to Beijing, said Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. He pointed to Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russia.

According to Oleksiy Danilov “Russia he is already a vassal China“China will not allow Moscow to use nuclear weapons. It would be too toxic a situation. It can get out of control, and China does not need it,” said the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in an interview with PAP.

Vladimir Putin met with Xi JinpingGRIGORY SYSOEV/PAP/EPA

Xi Jinping in Moscow – a challenge for Chinese diplomacy

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Judging visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Moscow Danilov decided that she was a challenge for Beijing because of the arrest warrant Vladimir Putin for war crimes in Ukraine. International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague issued such an order on March 17.

– China does not recognize the ICC, but the visit was certainly a challenge for Chinese diplomacy. However, the Chinese leader decided to meet with Putin. I am more than convinced that his visit had two purposes, (first) to confirm Russia’s vassal status, which was partly due to our endurance, because if Ukraine had not defended its independence, Russia would not have become a vassal of China, he said.

– I am convinced that it was also an examination of the future leader of Russia. We noticed that during the visit, a lot of attention was paid to the Prime Minister of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin, who received a personal invitation to visit China. It was an invitation for a man on whom China will bet in Russia, assessed Danilov.

Mikhail Vladimirovich MishustinShutterstock

Regarding China’s position on war in Ukraine He stressed that Beijing was in favor of respecting the territorial integrity of its state. But there are fundamental things. We have four points that our president has repeatedly presented: the return to the borders of 1991, the responsibility of the Russian Federation and its leadership for aggression and crimes in Ukraine, compensation for all losses of our state, and security guarantees for Ukraine, he said.

“Terrorist state continues to kill civilians”

When asked about the situation on the frontline of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Danilov drew attention to the shelling of civilian critical infrastructure that had been going on for many months. In his opinion, despite the open phase of the war, which has been going on for more than a year, the world still does not understand that Russia is a terrorist state.

– Nothing changes. A terrorist state, which the world does not want to be considered a terrorist, continues to kill civilians without taking any responsibility for it. It’s a huge tragedy, it’s very dangerous for the world,” he said.

According to the politician, Ukraine, attacked more than a year ago by the regular Russian army, fell victim to the fact that the international community was indifferent to signals coming from Russia for many years. – This was the case when Putin in 2007 presented his own vision of modern history and in 2008, when he started the war in Georgia – he said.

“Every day we pay a huge price because some people still drag out their decisions”

According to Danilov, the Kremlin’s goal today is to convince the West that Ukraine should sign “some sort of peace agreement” with Russia. This, however, cannot be accepted by our society. The difference between us and Russia is huge: we have a civil society that Russia does not have at all. And here I repeat: when it was destroyed, no one in the world paid any attention to it. It was another mistake of the West, because suppressing democracy is the first step to dictatorship, he said.

Asked about the supply of Western arms to Ukraine, Danilov assessed that it was coming too slowly. – Powerful aid from the West is pouring into Ukraine. We can’t tell you everything, but some of the tanks have already arrived. However, we pay a huge price every day because some people continue to delay their decisions, he pointed out.

– We are not only defending ourselves today. We defend the western flank of Europe and NATO, and if we have problems, it will be the turn of others, he stressed.


“The world must nip it in the bud so there are no civilian casualties”

According to Danilov, after the war, Russian leaders should face an international tribunal in a show trial. – If the world does not react to what the modern dictator Putin is doing, it will be repeated in other parts of the Earth. The world must nip it in the bud so that there are no civilian casualties, he stressed.

The secretary of the Security Council is convinced that after the end of the war with Russia, his country will strive to ensure its security guarantees within regional alliances. He sees in them, among others, the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic and Moldova. – This does not mean that we do not strive for NATO and the European Union. Alliances of two partners are a thing of the past. Territorial alliances consisting of several partners will be the order of the day, he announced.

“Poland showed its tough position, Poles believed”

When asked about Poland’s role in Ukraine’s policy, Danilov declared that Poland was the “leading country”. – After the collapse of the USSR, Poles made the most of all opportunities to become a powerful state – he assessed. He recalled that Ambassador Bartosz Cichocki was “actually the only ambassador” who did not leave Kiev in the first days of the Russian invasion and remains in the Ukrainian capital to this day.

– Few people know, but at the beginning of the invasion, our command post was 200 meters from the Polish embassy. Now he’s in a different place. Poland showed its tough position, Poles believed. We received the first military aid after February 24 from Poland. It is very important when you are first, that’s what true friends do, ”said Danilov.

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