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Russia. Colonel Ivan Mertvishchev tried to accept a bribe in the form of a washing machine

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The garrison military court in Moscow has fined Ivan Mertvishchev, an officer of the general staff of the Russian armed forces. The military man demanded a financial advantage in the form of a washing machine in exchange for issuing a positive opinion after the inspection of the complements command.

The Kommersant newspaper reported Tuesday’s verdict of the 235th garrison military court in Moscow.

According to investigators, in the fall of 2022, Ivan Mertvishchev was to conduct an inspection at one of Moscow’s military commissariats, i.e. replenishment commands. The colonel admitted in a telephone conversation with the management of this facility that “issues related to the recruitment of conscript soldiers are bad there”, and the result of the inspection may “not have the best impact not only on the image (commands), but also on the career of its boss”.

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A washing machine worth 72 thousand rubles, which is about 3.7 thousand rubles. PLN was supposed to be a “payment” for Miertivshchev’s positive assessment of the visited institution. The management of the command reported the colonel’s demands to the law enforcement authorities.

Changed the qualification of the act

Initially, Mertivshchev faced two years in prison. However, the qualification of the prohibited act was changed to “attempted fraud”, thanks to which the military man was only sentenced to a fine of PLN 400,000. rubles (approximately PLN 20.6 thousand) and a temporary ban on holding public office was ordered against him.

According to the independent television Nastoyashcheye Vremya (Current Time), the court considered the colonel’s confession of guilt and his participation in the Chechen war as mitigating circumstances. During the military trial, he was also supposed to volunteer for war in Ukraine.

During the trial, Mertvishchev admitted that “after the renovation of the apartment, he urgently needed a new washing machine for the bathroom,” independent media reported. “Kommersant” reported that the officer chose one of the most expensive, Bosch WHA122W1BL.

“The new owner of the washing machine was detained (in November last year – ed.) by officers of the Federal Security Service near the house on Tvardovsky Street in Moscow, where the washing machine was delivered,” wrote “Kommersant”.

Footage shared by the Kremlin, described as Vladimir Putin’s visit to the Kherson and Luhansk regionsReuters

Numerous reports of looting

From February 2022, i.e. the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there are numerous reports of looting committed by the aggressor’s soldiers in the occupied territories of the neighboring country. The theft of household appliances, mainly washing machines, has become the subject of many jokes spread on the Internet, as well as in the Ukrainian and Western media.

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Main photo source: MAXIM SHIPENKOV/PAP/EPA

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