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Russia. Daria Trepova sentenced to 27 years in prison for the attack in St. Petersburg

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Russian woman Daria Trepova was sentenced to 27 years in prison for the murder in April 2023 of the famous Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarski. The man died from a bomb placed in a statuette that Trepova gave him when he was about to give a speech in St. Petersburg. As a result of the explosion, several dozen people were injured.

Daria Trepowa pleaded not guilty, claiming that she was convinced that the statuette only contained a wiretapping. The 26-year-old said she acted on the orders of a Ukrainian contact and was framed.

For the attack on the 40-year-old blogger, Trepowa was charged with carrying out a “terrorist act committed by an organized criminal group.”

Russian investigators accused Ukraine of organizing the attack, and Ukrainian officials neither confirmed nor denied the action.

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Daria Trepova was sentenced to 27 years in prison Reuters Archive

Trepova’s testimony before a Russian court

Trepowa testified in court that she followed orders given by a man from Ukraine known as Gestalt, which means “shape” in German. His identity is unknown, but Trepova indicated that she contacted him through Ukrainian journalist Roman Popkov.

Trepova also said that under Gestalt’s tutelage, she gained Tatarsky’s trust by introducing herself to him as art student Anastazja Kriulina and attending his lectures. She admitted that in March Gestalt sent her a statuette, assuring her that it contained a wiretapping and a locator. She said she expressed concern that it might contain a bomb.

– I am ashamed that my gullibility and naivety led to such disastrous consequences. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, she testified. – I feel particular pain and shame that the terrorist act was committed by my hands – she added.

After Tatarsky’s murder, Popkov denied Trepova’s testimony and did not admit responsibility for the attack. Trepowa’s friends and acquaintances spoke of her in court as a person who could be exploited due to her naivety. Trepova’s lawyer, Daniil Bierman, announced he would appeal against the verdict.

As the BBC writes, this is one of the harshest prison sentences handed down to a woman in the world Russia.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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