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Russia. Electronic calls for troops. New rules in November

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On Saturday in Russia a regulation was issued regarding principles of operation of new databases – register of military files and register of summonses.

Both registers will start operating on November 1, 2024. Since that day conscripts will receive notifications and summons electronically.

New system in Russia. Big changes in the army

The electronic request will be deemed delivered seven days after its entry in the files. Once the summons is served, the conscript will automatically become a conscript deprived of the possibility of leaving Russia. He will also have 20 days to appear at the military registration office.

If the conscript fails to report, he will not be able to obtain a foreign passport, register his own business, drive a car or take out loans.

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As announced, the call will be sent to several others state institutions, who will enforce them. The media reported that the changes do not mean resignation from paper versions. These are to be delivered to conscripts at the same time as the electronic ones.

Information about each conscript will be collected in the new database. There will be a record of your health, education, place of residence and previous work.

Vladimir Putin signed the bill. New rules in November

Until new registers are launched conscripts can leave their country safely. Russia currently does not have any database from which military commissariats and border guards could download sensitive data. It does not have an information exchange system.

Vladimir Putin signed the act that equalized the validity of electronic summons with paper ones on April 14, 2023. It was then reported that sending electronic summonses in test mode will begin during the spring draft in 2023.

In March 2024, the media reported that Moscow The military commissariat has already started sending electronic calls to residents via the mos.ru portal.

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