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Russia – European Union. Sanctions – Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, is to be added to the sanctions list

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Sberbank is to be added to the EU list of sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, informed the Reuters Agency, which saw the draft in this matter. Previously, the largest bank in Russia was disconnected from the banking SWIFT system. The list includes more people and entities, as well as “Putin’s motorcycle gang”.

Among the 48 people and nine entities to be added to the sanctions list, there are, among others Night Wolves motorcycle club, actors, politicians and family members previously restricted.

Sanctions against Russia – Sberbank is to be added to the list

Adding Sberbank to this list would freeze the bank’s assets in the West and prevent the transaction altogether, with the exception of financial operations related to trade in food and fertilizers, an EU official said.

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The largest Russian bank has already been excluded from the SWIFT system, which – as indicated by the Reuters Agency – makes it difficult for it to running a business.

The rules of sanctions are to be changed to ensure that Russian banks, which were previously subject to restrictions, can use some of the frozen funds for food and fertilizer transactions, which is to reduce problems in global food trade.

Family members of “Putin’s people” on the sanctions list

Among those to be included on the sanctions list is Sergey Korolev, the first deputy director of the Russian security service of the FSB. Among the family members previously subject to sanctions, which are now to be restricted, are, inter alia, Stanislav Chemezov, son of the president of the Russian arms concern Rostec, and Maja Bolotov, daughter of Nikolai Tokarev, head of the Transneft energy company.

In addition, Moscow’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, the first deputy prime minister, is to be added to the list Russia Andrei Belousov, as well as actors Sergei Biezrukov and Vladimir Mashkov.

“Night Wolves” – Putin’s friends

Russia’s Night Wolves motorcycle club and its leaders are also set to face sanctions. Among them is Josef Hambalek, chairman of the club’s European chapter, accused of training members in the camp at Slovakia to fight in Ukraine. “He has close ties to the former government of Slovakia and may be associated with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin“- we read in the document.

The nationalist Russian motorcycle club “Night Wolves” was first known to Poland when in April 2015 its members wanted to resume the tradition of the rally on the Moscow-Berlin route. The column, decorated with the flags of victory, Russia and the Soviet Union, planned the pride to travel through Polish lands, which was perceived as a political provocation.

The seventh package of sanctions against Russia

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala spoke recently in an interview with the Reuters Agencythat European Union is preparing a seventh package of sanctions against Moscow, but restrictions on Russian gas will not be included in it. As he said, “it is certainly problematic to include energy in sanctions, because the principle that sanctions should affect Russia more than countries that introduce sanctions must be respected.”

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