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Russia. Fire at the fuel base in the city of Klintsy

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A fire broke out in an oil warehouse in the city of Klintsy, said Aleksandr Bogomaz, governor of the Bryansk Oblast, bordering Ukraine. As the official stated, the incident occurred after “the shooting down of a Ukrainian drone.”

Bogomaz reported on Friday morning on the Telegram channel that “Ukrainians attempted to attack facilities in the city of Klintsy (approx. 50 km from the border with Ukraine) using drones.” He wrote that “after the Ukrainian drone was shot down, an explosive device fell on the fuel base.”

In subsequent entries, the governor reported that “a fire broke out on the base, which spread to four oil tanks, the fire was assigned to a high category, over 30 residents of the town were evacuated and over 140 firefighters are fighting the blaze.”

Fire at the fuel base in Kliniec Reuters

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Fire at the fuel base in Kliniec Reuters

Fire at the fuel base in Kliniec REUTERS

After 4 p.m. Moscow time (2 p.m. in Poland), the propaganda agency RIA Novosti reported that “the fire area is constantly expanding.” “According to current data, the area is 1,800 square meters,” said the agency’s source from the rescue services.

The Ukraińska Pravda portal, citing its own sources, wrote that “on the night from Thursday to Friday, Ukrainian military intelligence organized another special operation on Russian territory.” “Drones attacked a gunpowder factory in Tambov and an oil warehouse in the city of Klintsy.”

The number of attacks has increased

In recent months, the number of drone attacks on targets has increased significantly Russia, primarily military, industrial and technological. Moscow accuses Kiev of these operations. Independent experts emphasize that drone attacks, at least some of which are carried out from Russian territory, are aimed at objects increasingly distant from Ukraine.

On Thursday, drones attacked fuel base in the Leningrad Oblast, located over 800 km away from the Ukrainian border. Ukrainian military intelligence claimed responsibility for the attack. At the end of August 2023, the target of attacks was the military airport in Pskov, located approximately 700 km from the Russian border.

Drones also regularly appear over Moscow and its vicinity, which results in the closure of the airspace over local airports.

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Main photo source: REUTERS

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