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Russia. Fire on the ship “Sierpukhov”. Ukrainian intelligence celebrates success

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O fire on a Russian ship The war in the Königsberg region was reported, among others, by the Ukrainian portal Suspilne, stating that military intelligence was to be responsible for the entire operation. Ukrainy.

We're talking about a small one missile ship “Serpukhov”, on board of which a fire broke out on Sunday. This is a Russian project ship 21631 type “Bujan-M”which was launched in 2015.

Russia. “Serpukhov” in flames. Ukrainians are celebrating

The incident took place at the base in Baltiysk – a city located about 20 km from the border with Poland on the Vistula Spit in the Królewiec region. There is the main base of the Russian Baltic Fleet.

According to sources of the RBK-Ukraina portal the ship was to be seriously damaged. Ukrainian military intelligence reports that the ship's communication and automation means were completely destroyed as a result of the fire. “Restoring the Serpukhov's combat capability will take a long time,” said a message on social media, which also included photos of the burning ship and its plans.

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As Radio Swoboda pointed out, The Russian side did not comment on this event.

Not only “Serpukhov”. Ukrainians destroy ships

About the large number of ships lost on the side Russia reported, among others, the British Ministry of Defense in March. As it was reported then, in reaction to increasingly greater losses suffered in the last two years, among others by Black Sea Fleet, the Russian armed forces were to increase and improve the use of camouflage techniques. The situation is similar in the Air and Space Forces.

In the case of the navy – due to the black paint on the bows and sterns of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet – they are made to seem smaller and not as attractive goals. In order to most likely mislead Ukrainian drone operators, the outlines of the ships were also painted on the quays.

In March, Ukrainian military expert Dmitry Snegiryov also spoke about the paralysis of the Russian fleet. In his statement on Espreso TV, he referred to Ukraine's attack on the ships “Yamal” and “Azov” near Sevastopol. – Modern for the first time in 200 years The Russian Empire is deprived of the opportunity to dominate the Black Sea basin – Sniegirov said.

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Szydło about Kurski: The more effective he was, the greater the attack /Polsat News/Polsat News

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