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Russia forcibly sends those who refuse to fight to the front. “They are beaten and sent away by force”

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Russian media report ill-treatment of mobilized military personnel who refuse to fight in Ukraine. Witnesses report that military commissioners do not pay attention to diseases, previously suffered wounds and other reasons that legally exempt people from the obligation to serve in the military. As the Wiorstka website writes, the reason for the Russian army's actions may be the lack of soldiers to siege Kharkov.

Only a handful were there, but any protest is particularly meaningful given the growing repression in Russia. The protest was attended by mothers and wives of soldiers fighting in Ukraine. In front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, they demand that the new minister, Andrei Belousov, finally bring them back home.

“Make Mobiki free again,” reads one protester's T-shirt. Mobiki, i.e. those mobilized for the army, have recently – as the “Wiorstka” portal writes – been forcibly taken to the front. According to journalists, conscientious objectors are beaten and tied up.

“At the beginning of the May weekend, 40 policemen with guns and batons entered the building where those who refused were kept. And they took a whole floor of people from there, that is, according to relatives, 170-180 people. They were herded into buses and sent to a military airport, and from there straight to front. Two lawyers and three families of those who refused to fight told the Wiorstka website about this mass deportation,” we read on the Wiorstka website.

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Witnesses report that military commissars do not pay attention to diseases, previous wounds and other reasons that legally exempt Russian citizens from the obligation to serve in the military.

“Why is the Ministry of Defense taking unprecedented steps by sending people who refused to fight to the front? One version is that there are no soldiers to besiege Kharkov,” writes the Wiorstka portal.

In Russia, support for Putin and the war is still high, and it is also demonstrated by Russians abroad. Also in Europe, because if they are not subject to sanctions, they can travel. Over the weekend, an incident occurred in Prague, Czech Republic, where Russians attacked a patriotic stand of Ukrainians

The Czech services did not let this situation go unnoticed – the suspected Russians were detained at the airport when they wanted to leave.

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Volodymyr Zelensky at a Belgian air base Volodymyr Zelensky/Facebook

Ukraine mobilizes willing prisoners

Ukraine must urgently replenish the ranks of its army. According to the recently adopted law, some prisoners may also enlist in the army. Each such application is carefully examined by the court.

– The most important thing for us is that the prisoner voluntarily agrees to military service and that his health condition allows it – says Ukrainian judge Dmytro Tkachenko.

In exchange for their service, those recruited after the end of the war will not return to prison and will receive parole. – My mother was hysterical, which is understandable. I've been here for five years. Now that I have a year left, I announced that I have no intention of returning home, instead I am going to war, says Nikolai Ribalka, a prisoner recruited into the Ukrainian army.

– I want to help my country. I also want society to understand that people can rehabilitate themselves, emphasizes Vitaly Yatshenko, another convict recruited into the Ukrainian army.

According to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, so far four and a half thousand prisoners have enlisted in the army. Sex offenders and people convicted of murdering more than one person, among others, are not eligible for military service.

In recent days, the Ukrainians have had something to be proud of on the front. With Joe Biden's consent, they began attacking military systems located on the Russian side. The American HIMARS system was supposed to destroy the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft and anti-missile battery in Belgorod.

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“A recording of hit Russian launchers of surface-to-air missile systems, which the occupiers used to attack Kharkov and the region, has appeared on the Internet” – one can read in the entry of the NEXTA portal on the X website.

In parallel, preparations for the peace conference in Switzerland are underway. On June 15, representatives of almost 100 countries will come to Lucerne. The American administration will be represented by Vice President Kamala Harris. President Joe Biden will remain in the country due to the election campaign in the United States. Russian representatives were not invited to the summit. For this reason, the Chinese authorities refused to participate.

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