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Russia. General Ivan Popov arrested. Serious allegations

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The arrest of Ivan Popov was announced on Tuesday by Russian state agencies, cited by AFP. The general was detained by a military court for two months – according to the propaganda agency RIA Novosti on charges “large scale” fraud.

Russia. Ivan Popov arrested. He was accused of fraud

Popov openly criticized Russian commanders and also complained about the mass deaths and injuries suffered by soldiers of the Russian Federation fighting in Ukraine. For making these claims and – as he himself admitted – accusing commanders of betraying soldiers, he was fired in July last year.

– Our commander attacked us treacherously from behind, brutally decapitating the army in the most difficult and the most intense moment of the fighting – he said in a publicly released recording. Ivan Popov was the commander of the 58th Combined Army of the Russian Federation.

AFP reminds that The Russian Ministry of Defense is very sensitive to criticism army flowing from its ranks. Vigilance against any unflattering words has increased after the boss in 2023 Wagner groups Yevgeny Prigozhyn organized a rebellion against Kremlin.

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Castling in the Kremlin. A series of high-profile arrests

Since Ivan Popov lost his position, on Kremlin there have been a few changes. At the end of April this year, the deputy minister of defense Russia Timur Ivanov he has been arrested. He was accused of bribery and deprived of office. Moreover, Ivanov is also suspected of large-scale corruption activities. The deputy minister of defense faces up to 15 years in prison.

In turn, in mid-May, the general was arrested on suspicion of accepting a bribe Yuri Kuznetsov. According to the Russian prosecutor's office, he received a bribe from representatives of commercial structures in 2021-2023, when he was the head of 8th Directorate of the General Staffdealing with protection of state secrets.

During the search, the military man's house and workplace were secured over 100 million rubles in cash as well as foreign currency. Gold coins, collector's watches and luxury items were also found.

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