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Russia has restricted gas supplies to Europe. Nord Stream 1. Gazprom warns consumers that it does not guarantee resumption of supplies

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Gazprom informed consumers in Europe that it could not guarantee gas supplies due to “extraordinary” circumstances, Reuters reported, citing the Russian concern’s letter. The receipt of the letters was confirmed by the largest German importer of Russian gas, Uniper, and the largest energy producer in Germany – RWE.

Gazprom refers in his letter to the so-called force majeure clause, which in business contracts allows the party to be released from its obligations due to extraordinary events. As established by Reuters, the magazine deals with gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which is the main source of supply from Russia to Germany. The letter is dated July 14 this year.

The companies that received the letter from Gazprom include, among others Uniper – the largest German importer of Russian gas. Uniper said the letter was formally rejected as “unreasonable”. RWE, the largest German energy producer and also a gas importer from Russia, does not want to comment on the details of the letter received.

Russia has restricted gas supplies to Europe

As of Monday, July 11, the transmission of gas through Nord Stream 1 has been completely suspended due to annual maintenance work. The work is scheduled to end on Thursday, however Germany and other consumers in Europe are concerned that Moscow may not return to gas transmission in retaliation for the sanctions imposed.

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From mid-June, Gazprom reduced the amount of gas transmitted to the level of 40%, referring to the lack of a turbine, serviced in Canada. Canadian authorities, under pressure from the German government, decided to send the turbine by plane to Germany on Sunday 17 July. “If there are no problems with logistics and customs clearance, the turbine will reach Russia after 5-7 days,” Reuters reported.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński

Concerns about Nord Stream 1 gas supplies

The German economy ministry did not want to provide details on the transport and the current location of the turbine on Monday. However, it stressed that “this is a spare part that was only due to be used from September, meaning that its lack could not have been the real reason for the decline in gas flows prior to maintenance” Nord Stream 1.

“This sounds like the first indication that gas supplies via NS1 may not resume after the 10-day maintenance is complete,” said Hans van Cleef, energy specialist at ABN Amro. “Depending on what” extraordinary “circumstances triggered the force majeure clause, be it technical or rather political, it could mean another degree of escalation between Russia and Europe and Germany, van Cleef emphasized.

Austrian energy group OMV announced on Monday that it expects gas supplies from Russia via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to resume as planned.

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