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Russia. Independent media: a soldier who returned from the war in Ukraine murdered his wife in front of their children

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A former Russian soldier who returned to his hometown from the war in Ukraine killed his wife in front of their children aged six and seven, the independent Russian website Insider reported on Tuesday.

The tragedy occurred in the city of Zavolzhe in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Russian soldier who came back from Ukraine, in front of his two children, aged six and seven, he killed his wife. The families of the perpetrator of the crime and the woman killed initially refused to pay for the funeral. In this situation, the money to pay for the ceremony had to be collected in the school class attended by one of the children.

Ultimately, the relatives agreed to help organize the ceremony, but decided not to take the children under their care. The children will probably end up in a state-run educational institution.

– They are experiencing a huge shock because of all this nightmare – admitted one of the participants of the fundraiser at the school, quoted by the media.

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Rise of violence in Russia

Independent Russian media report that since the fall of last year, i.e. the beginning of the mobilization for the war with Ukraine, the number of acts of violence involving men returning from the front has increased significantly. Many of these situations concern former prisoners mobilized in prisons by mercenaries from the Wagner Group.

A few weeks ago, the opposition portal Meduza reported that Ivan Rossomakhin, an alcohol addict, sentenced in 2020 to 14 years in prison for murder and then recruited for the war with Ukraine, returned to his homeland in March 2023 and brutally murdered an elderly woman there.

In January, the Russian-language BBC editorial office covered the story of Anatoly Salmin – a mercenary from the Wagner Group, and previously a prisoner serving a nine-year sentence for premeditated murder. Residents of the town of Pikalowo in the Leningrad region were said to be terrified of his return to his homeland, because, as they reported, Salmin had in the past committed theft, used drugs and threatened to kill people who wanted to report him to the police.

Main photo source: YURI KOCHETKOV/EPA/PAP

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