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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Russia. Independent media: Russian army lost more than 25 percent of its troops in Ukraine state-of-the-art attack helicopters

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The independent Russian Telegram channel, Mozem Objasnit, reports that the Russians have lost more than 25 percent of the Ka-52 attack helicopters in Ukraine, which the Kremlin considers the “best helicopters in the world”. the information comes from analysts of the Dutch group Oryx.

The Russian army has lost so far Ukraine at least 36 state-of-the-art Ka-52 attack helicopters. This means losses of over 25 percent, but their actual scale may be even twice as large, an independent Russian Telegram channel, I Can Explain, revealed on Tuesday.

Although the Kremlin considers the Ka-52 to be “the best helicopters in the world”, these machines are characterized by numerous technical imperfections, which became especially noticeable during the war with Ukraine, the channel analyzes.

The main disadvantages are – as calculated – not very durable armor, difficulties for the crew to catapult in the event of destruction of the helicopter, and the need to “hang” in the air when firing shells.

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Russian Ka-52 combat helicopterAndrey Kryuchenko/Shutterstock

Especially the latter drawback makes the Ka-52 a relatively easy target for the Ukrainian air defense forces, the opposition media explained.

Big losses of Russia in Ukraine

As it was added, information about 36 downed Ka-52s comes from analysts of the Dutch group Oryx and includes only confirmed cases of helicopter destruction. These figures are probably an underestimate, as the Ukrainian army reported that the Russians have lost six Ka-52s since early June alone, noted Mozem Objasnit.

Considering these high losses, the Russians minimize the risk and use attack helicopters at a distance of 8-10 kilometers from the front line. This translates into a very low accuracy of fire from the Ka-52, indicated the Ukrainian military expert, Colonel Roman Switan, in an interview with an independent channel.

According to the latest estimates of the Ukrainian general staff, the enemy forces have already lost 314 combat aircraft and 308 helicopters.

Main photo source: Andrey Kryuchenko/Shutterstock

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