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Russia, independent Wiorstka portal: Russian soldiers are being deceived by the army

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Mobilized and contracted Russian soldiers are not paid the promised salaries and social benefits, according to the independent Russian portal Wiorstka. Journalists of the portal found out that in 52 regions of Russia and in the annexed Crimea, since the beginning of March this year, the payment of salaries to soldiers has been delayed or not implemented at all.

Russian soldiers who fight in Ukrainethe authorities promise salaries of 195,000 rubles, or about PLN 11,000 a month, but in fact they receive a small part of this sum or even no money at all, Wiorstka reported.

This applies to professional contract soldiers as well as reservists mobilized for the war with Ukraine and volunteers. The first major difficulties in this regard appeared in November 2022, but they concerned only a few. The problem escalated earlier this year and has now become even more serious.

Russian soldiers. Illustrative photo mil.ru

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Wiorstka cites numerous complaints from soldiers and their families posted on Russian social networks. “Are there people who did not receive salary for January and February?”. “My brother hasn’t been paid for two months.” “Three months without pay.” “They said that my husband is not on the payroll” – since the beginning of March, dozens of such messages have appeared in groups on the social network VKontakte, dedicated to the payment of salaries to mobilized people, the independent portal wrote.

Difficulties are reported in 52 out of 83 regions Russiaas well as in the annexed Crimea.

Many of the inhabitants of the province hoped that if they took part in the war against Ukraine and were paid handsomely for it, then they would be able to change their lives. However, they collided with a reality that looks different, assessed the Russian sociologist Dmitry Loboyko.

The former contract soldier, who asked not to be named, told independent journalists that the problem was “an indifference to people”. – Nobody cares about them. There is a thinking that most of those who do not receive money will die anyway, said Wiorstki’s interlocutor.

The Wiorstka portal was created on April 26 last year. His website said that “this was a quick response to the destruction of Russian media during the war with Ukraine.”

Ukrainian army: we destroyed a Russian Su-24 near Bakhmuttelegram/@operativnoZSU

Teachers’ problems

In the first half of March, Radio Svoboda reported that Russian teachers also face similar difficulties. As it was reported at the time, the state budget debt to teachers reached 152 million rubles, or about nine million zlotys. It was emphasized that compared to January, this value increased as much as 15 times and significantly exceeded the most alarming indicators from the previous year.

The EU sanctions on Russian oil introduced in recent months are hitting the Kremlin hard, and new buyers of the raw material, such as China and India, dictate lower prices. The situation is catastrophic because Vladimir Putin did not prepare the country’s economy for such a future. Russia has no other economic pillars other than energy exports, so the EU embargo means that the Kremlin has less money in the budget, Michael Rochlit, a professor of economics at the University of Bremen in Germany, assessed in February.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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