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Russia “is developing cyberattack capabilities against the European Union and NATO countries”

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Russia is preparing the possibility of cyber attacks on the European Union and NATO, warns the Canadian Security Center in the report. Currently, Russian entities are attacking Ukrainian computer networks in this way.

The Canadian Cybersecurity Center is part of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE – Electronic Intelligence). “We estimate that the scope and severity of cyber-operations related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine they were probably better prepared and had a greater range than stated in open sources “- said Canadian experts.

They indicated that “Russian cyber-operations (…) were aimed at obstructing operation, disrupting operations, destroying or discrediting the Ukrainian government, army, economy, gaining influence on critical infrastructure and limiting Ukrainian society’s access to information.”

Russia “is developing cyberattack capabilities against the European Union and NATO countries”

The CSE also considers it highly probable that countries are targeted by the “aggressive cyber threat actors” supported by the Russian government FOR THIS. “We estimate that Russia (…) develops cyberattack capabilities against the European Union and NATO countries, incl USA and Canada “.

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The report lists cyber attacks against Ukraine, such as the GRU-related Sandworm group, which in April this year. tried to use, among others a malware called Industroyer 2 against high voltage substations in the Ukrainian energy system. The idea was to suspend electricity supplies, but the Ukrainians, together with the Slovak company ESET, blocked the attack.

So far, Canadian specialists have identified eight types of software used by Russia against Ukraine. In April this year, four new types of malware were noticed. “Cybersecurity specialists have attributed these attacks to a group known as Armageddon (also known as Gamaredon / Shuckworm), which is associated with the Russian federal security service FSB,” it reads.

Canadian specialists, warning against further attacks prepared by Russia against countries supporting Ukraine, noted the activities of cyber-espionage in government systems, universities, private companies and entities of critical infrastructure, including Poland.

The report discussed known Russian attacks on countries supporting Ukraine, including Poland, including the partial blockage of the KA-SAT satellite communications network in Europe on the day of the invasion of Ukraine, the purpose of which was to disrupt Ukrainian military communications. DdoS attacks carried out by the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet on infrastructure in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Great Britain and the USA were also indicated.

Ukraine has improved its cybersecurity

As we read in the analysis, since 2014 and the annexation of Crimea by Russia, Ukraine has “significantly” improved its cybersecurity, with the help of governments and technology companies from European Union countries and the Five Eyes intelligence alliance countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK). Canadian specialists also pointed to the role of hacktivists in counteracting Russian attacks: Russian cyber threats are fighting Anonymous and the Ukrainian “IT army”, which numbers around 400,000 people.

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