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Russia is to buy equipment from Poland. The Kremlin celebrates Western sanctions

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Portal Vot Takthe Russian-language branch of Belsat television, has obtained information that indicates the participation of Polish companies in circumventing EU sanctions imposed on Russia. This is East-European Pipeline Hub Sp. z o. o. based in the city center Warsaw oraz PDP Logistics from Biała Podlaska.

The website accessed classified data from the Russian customs office. They show that “in 2023 By Poland to Russia Industrial equipment arrived, including production machines, as well as equipment for the production of microelectronics over $10 million.”

Russia celebrates Western sanctions. Polish companies are to send equipment to the East

The East-European Pipeline Hub had within half a year – from January to July 2023 – used German EMAG machine tools were sent to the East three times. The goods passed through the Polish-Belarusian border in Brest and the Latvian-Russian border in Buraczki, and the recipient was Specmorstroy, a company dealing in construction of hydrotechnical structures. The Polish company also exported via Azerbaijan subject to sanctions products from Italy.

Vot Tak points out that Specmorstroy is not related to the arms industry, but he worked with Russian state-owned companies. In 2022 and 2023, the company was further sued by the Kremlin “non-performance or improper performance of obligations”.

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The portal sent an inquiry to the East-European Pipeline Hub about cooperation with Russia, however he didn't get an answer. However, the Polish customs office did not disclose information about the company, explaining this data confidentiality.

Are Russian missiles made by Polish companies? Results of the Vot Yes investigation

Another company – PDP Logistics – “may have been involved in deliveries to Russia chip production equipmentwhich is subject to EU export control. The company exported, among others, Swiss machines Apollon DI-A11 intended for production semiconductor integrated circuitsand the recipient of the goods was Russian Ostek-ST.

The equipment was to be sent to the East through the Polish-Belarusian crossings in Kozłowicze near Brest, the Belarusian-Lithuanian crossings at Przewałka 1 and the Latvian-Russian crossings in Buraczki. Another Russian company, Jadro Fab Dubna, was to mediate the purchase – sanctioned electronics manufacturer.

“Ostek-ST is part of the Ostek Group, which supplies equipment for “Russian arms industry” – emphasizes Vot Tak and adds that the consortium traded with producers fuses for anti-aircraft guided missiles for air defense systems (Buk et al. – ed.). The same group signed contracts with companies involved in the construction of rockets Toczka-U, Iskander-M and Kindżal.

In turn, Jadro Fab Dubna – as Vot Tak points out – “is considered one of the key companies producing equipment enabling the operation of internet censorship and controlling Internet traffic in Russia.

Sanctions on Russia. “The sender and the intermediary can be used deceptively”

Unlike the previous company from Poland, PDP Logistics responded to the portal's inquiry. “Our company was not involved in any direct or indirect way in the export of any components to Russia. PDP Logistics fully supports the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation,” it said in response.

Vot Tak pointed out that since the beginning of the 2022 invasion, it has been a popular motive sending goods to Russia via third countries – e.g. via Kazakhstan. “In the case of this scheme both the sender and the European intermediary can be used deceptively: the company helping with the delivery may not know that the final recipient is a Russian company,” the portal emphasizes.

“Customs declarations examined by Vot Tak show that Russia still uses companies registered in Poland to circumvent the sanctions imposed on it for launching a full-scale operation war in Ukraine. This is one of the shortest and easiest ways for the shipment of equipment manufactured by European companies. Sanctioned goods can also reach Russia via two transport corridors – By Belarus and transit through the Baltic countries” – we read.

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