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Russia. ISW: the Ministry of Defense wants to control military bloggers

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The Russian Defense Ministry wants to destroy the reputation of some so-called military bloggers who cover the invasion of Ukraine, and to strengthen control over the country’s information space, experts from the US Institute of War Studies (ISW) assessed in a recent analysis.

Defense Department Russia tries to destroy the reputation of the so-called military bloggers, whose reports on the situation in the Kherson region in the south Ukraine were not in line with the ministry’s version, assessed the Institute of War Studies (ISW).

Over the weekend, the ministry reported that Russian troops repulsed a Ukrainian amphibious assault near the Antonovsky bridge, while some bloggers reported that fighting continued, and as of July 2, Ukrainian forces held certain positions near the bridge.

It is possible that the ministry wants to censor some bloggers associated with the Kremlin so that they do not disclose the army’s failures during monthly meetings in the Kremlin, emphasizes the ISW.

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Alone Vladimir Putin he must choose: either side with the ministry to defend his tarnished reputation, or maintain the support of extreme nationalist bloggers, experts indicate.

According to the Institute of War Research, the milieu of military bloggers consists of about 500 authors who have become an influential voice on the course of the war. Despite the criticism of the Russian Defense Ministry and even Vladimir Putin himself, the bloggers who report on the course war in Ukraine, have gained an important position in the Russian information space and enjoy great freedom. Many of them are in favor of increasing the number of soldiers fighting in Ukraine and more decisive military actions.

Main photo source: EPA/SERGEI ILNITSKY

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