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Russia, Kyrgyzstan diplomatic scandal after intrusion into the house of the embassy counselor

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Kyrgyzstan has issued a protest note in connection with the incident that occurred in Moscow, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bishkek announced on Friday. It concerns the intrusion of the Russian police into the house of the counselor of the Kyrgyz embassy.

The Russian independent Telegram channel VchK-OGPU reported that on April 8, two Russian police officers broke down the door of the Moscow apartment of Manas Zholdoshbekov, counselor of the Kyrgyz embassy in Russia, in order to check the legal basis of his stay as a foreigner on the territory of the Russian Federation. They demanded to see documents confirming the legality of their stay.

“Even after presenting passports and diplomatic IDs, the officers behaved aggressively. The diplomat's wife allegedly suffered bodily injuries and his minor children were intimidated,” WczK-OGPU wrote, citing its own sources and publishing the name of the street where the embassy counselor lived.

A member of the Kyrgyz parliament, Dastan Bekeshev, wrote on the X platform that he contacted the embassy counselor and he confirmed that such an event had occurred. “If they do something like this to embassy employees, I can't even imagine what they do to citizens who have no immunity. The Russian police have obviously gone berserk,” the politician added.

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Increasing harassment

Kyrgyz media link the incident with the ever-increasing harassment against citizens of Central Asian countries after a terrorist attack in Krasnogorsk near Moscow, which took place on March 22. About 145 people died then. A day later, repression began against migrants from Central Asian countries living in Russia – mainly Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and Tajiks. They are controlled by the authorities, but there are also known cases of beatings or refusal to take taxi rides when it turns out that the driver is a migrant from one of the above-mentioned countries.

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan

On Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan published an official statement on the diplomatic scandal. “During the meeting (at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the Kyrgyz side expressed concern about the actions of officers of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation towards members of the family of the counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow, which grossly violated the provisions of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

The Ministry of Diplomacy also stated that such actions against accredited personnel of the diplomatic mission of the Kyrgyz Republic carried out by law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation are unacceptable, require a thorough investigation and bring the guilty parties to court as soon as possible,” the Ministry of Diplomacy in Bishkek announced.

Russians 'expressed regret'

Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret and announced that, based on the official diplomatic note received from the Kyrgyz side, an inspection procedure would be carried out and the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be informed about its results.

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