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Russia. Marija Zakharova warns Great Britain. She gave a condition

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On Thursday, Maria Zakharova repeated the warning that Moscow issued in early May, after British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that Ukraine had the right to use London-supplied weapons to strike targets in the territory Russia.

War in Ukraine. Russia warns Great Britain

The above-mentioned words of the British politician caused outrage Russia indignation. A spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs cited them as one of the reasons why the country decided to move this month exercises involving a simulation of a launch tactical nuclear missiles.

The same threats towards intercourse Great Britain fell from Russia on May 6. The Russian Foreign Ministry then announced that he called British ambassador in Moscow, Nigel Casey and warned him that Russia's “response to Ukrainian attacks using British weapons on Russian territory could be any British military facility and equipment inside and outside Ukraine.”

“The Ambassador was urged to reflect on the inevitable disastrous consequences of such hostile steps on the part of London and to immediately reject the belligerent, provocative statement of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the most decisive and unambiguous way,” the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said at the time, quoted by Reuters.

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Russia. There is a reaction to the announcement of aid for Ukraine

On Thursday, Marija Zakharova also announced that European Union will feel the “full scale” of Russian retaliation for a plan to use proceeds from frozen Russian assets to help Kiev. The day before, the decision was published in the EU official journal using proceeds from frozen Russian assets. Ukraine is to receive the first tranche in July.

Russia views these actions as illegal and undermining the foundations of the global financial system. – We are talking about another attempt to legitimize theft at the state level – commented Zakharova. Same day American Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen she said that the immobilized Russian assets constituted potential source of support for Ukraine until 2025 and beyond.

Russia wants to change the border in the Baltic Sea? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks out

The spokeswoman for the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also commented on the issue borders of the Russian Federation in the Baltic Sea. A few days ago in an official statement Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the 1985 border measurement used mid-20th century nautical charts and therefore did not fully correspond to more modern cartographic coordinates.

Change proposal however, it was removed from the official website on Wednesday resort where it was published. There is a message there: “The project has been deleted.” No reason was given for removing the project. Previously, it was not explained what the border changes would look like and whether consultations with other Baltic states were held on this matter.

– Russia's borders in the Baltic Sea should be consistent with international law – she announced. She also mentioned that the Russian Ministry of Defense is working on “clarifying” the border issue in the Baltic Sea “technical nature”.

Dworczyk on the government commission to investigate Russian influence: An element of political war/RMF24.pl/RMF

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