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Russia. Media about the traffic jam at the entrance to the Krymski bridge. “Hell on Earth Branch”

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The queue of cars in front of the entrance to the Crimean bridge from the Temryuk region in Krasnodar Krai stretched for 13 kilometers, Russian media reported on Monday. Doctors were on site. Volunteers handed out water to drivers waiting in line for several hours. After the explosion on the Crimean bridge in the fall of 2022, the situation is still not back to normal.

“Strength and patience, the queue for inspection is a branch of hell on earth,” he wrote on Monday around 10 (9 am in Poland) the Russian portal 93.ru, quoting entries appearing in a telegram chat titled “Situation on the Crimean Bridge”. “Luckily there are toilets near the bridge. Drivers say they’re not in the best condition, but it’s still better than nothing.” cork” – chat users reported.

Some of the drivers reported that they got stuck in a traffic jam after 5 am (Russian time, 4 am in Poland) and then stuck in a traffic jam for several hours.

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The independent Russian portal Meduza reported that, according to the operational staff of the Temryuk region in Krasnodar Krai, the length of the traffic jam to the exit to the Crimean bridge on Monday morning was about 13 kilometers and was still growing.

Water is distributed to those waiting to enter the Crimean Bridge. Operational Staff of Krasnodar Krai/vk.com

Queue of cars on the Crimean bridge Operational Staff of Krasnodar Krai/vk.com

Doctors and rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were on duty on site, volunteers distributed water to drivers, portable toilets were installed at the entrance to the bridge, added Meduza.

A large queue to enter the Crimean Bridge was formed on Saturday, by the evening of that day it stretched for seven kilometers, and the waiting time for the control was five hours, the transport ministry of the annexed peninsula said on that day.

Translation of the authorities

Representatives of the Russian state-owned company Rosawtodor explained that the multi-kilometer traffic jam was caused by holidays, because the number of people who want to enter the Crimea has increased significantly. Cars and luggage are thoroughly checked.

“After explosion on the Crimean bridge in autumn 2022, there are increased checks before entering the bridge, which hinders traffic. With the arrival of the heat, the number of tourists has increased, and the situation has worsened. The authorities of Krasnodar Krai appeal to people to refrain from traveling to the bridge as far as possible,” wrote the portal 93.ru.

The Meduza portal recalled that after the attack on the Crimean Bridge, the authorities requested Russia accused the Ukrainian side, only cars and buses, subject to mandatory control, could cross the bridge. Trucks were not allowed to enter the facility for safety reasons, a ferry crossing was provided for them – added Meduza.

Crimean BridgePAP – Maciej Zieliński, Maria Samczuk

Fearing a Ukrainian counter-offensive

The portal 72.ru quoted the head of the passenger union Kirill Yankov as saying that “there are no air connections to the peninsula, it is very difficult to buy a train ticket, so people travel by their own cars or buses.”

Yankov also said that in June people went to the Crimea less willingly, because “they were afraid of the counter-offensive announced by the Ukrainians.”

Main photo source: Operational Staff of Krasnodar Krai/vk.com

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