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Russia. Media: explosion in the country’s largest gunpowder factory, killed at least four people

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An explosion occurred in Russia’s largest factory of gunpowder for firearms and artillery ammunition, located in the city of Kotovsk near Tambov, the Ukrainian portal Obozrevatel reported on behalf of Russian state agencies and media. At least four people were killed and dozens injured, according to reports.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Coverage at tvn24.pl

Different sources give divergent estimates of the dead and injured. There are also reports of five fatalities, while the number of injured is most often estimated at 12 people.

It added that the authorities of the Tambov region argue that the explosion was “man’s fault” and was not an act of terrorism or sabotage.

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Fires of military facilities throughout Russia

In recent months, during the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, there have been regular reports of fires breaking out all over Russia and in the territories of Ukraine controlled by the invaders. Both military facilities are on fire, e.g. barracks and replenishment headquarters, as well as fuel depots, commercial and industrial buildings.

So far, large fires have been reported, among others, in a shopping center in Khimki near Moscow, a refinery in Angarsk in Siberia, a plant producing agricultural equipment in St. (FSB) in Rostov-on-Don.

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