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Russia. Media: Russian Mi-8 helicopter and Su-34 fighter crashed in the Bryansk region

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The Russian state news agency TASS reported on Saturday that a Mi-8 helicopter crashed in the Bryansk region, bordering Ukraine. In a later telegram, she reported that there was also a crash of a Su-34 fighter that fell near the Ukrainian border.

The interlocutor of the TASS agency said that the information about the Su-34 crash is being “clarified”. The fate of the fighter pilots is unknown.

A few hours earlier on Saturday, TASS reported that in the Bryansk region, which borders UkraineRussian helicopter crashed. “Emergency services are on their way to the scene,” the agency said. In the next telegram, she informed that two pilots had died as a result of the Mi-8 crash.

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The Baza channel on Telegram wrote that the Mi-8 crashed in the city of Klintsy in the Bryansk region. Before the crash, the machine was supposed to circle the city for a long time and fell on private buildings. “It’s still being determined whether he was shot down or if something else was the cause,” Baza said.

Russian Su-34 fighter Viacheslav Lopatin/Shutterstock

Searching for “subversives”

“In the Bryansk region, they are looking for saboteurs who may be behind the shooting down of the Mi-8 and Su-34. The Pierekhwat (Interception) plan has been introduced in the region. According to investigators, the helicopter and the fighter could have been shot down from the territory Russia” – reported the Baza channel.

“It is almost 50 kilometers from the city of Klińce to the nearest border point with Ukraine. Based on the analysis of recordings of the Mi-8 crash, social media users suggest that the machine could have been shot down by Russian artillery, but there is no reliable confirmation of this version yet,” the Russian news agency reported. BBC section.

Russian Mi-8 helicopter. Illustrative photo PhotoFFF/Shutterstock

Mi-28 crash in the annexed Crimea

On Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced about Mi-28 helicopter crash in the annexed Crimea. The machine – according to the ministry – was performing a “planned training flight”, and the reason for the disaster was technical problems.

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Main photo source: Viacheslav Lopatin/Shutterstock

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