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Russia. Media: The clans close to Putin are responsible for the federal strategic reserves

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In Russia, access to tenders for the strategic stockpile system in Russia is restricted to companies associated with a few families from President Vladimir Putin’s entourage. This is according to the findings of the journalists of the investigative portal Projekt.

The Gosrezierw (National Federal Reserve Agency) is the office that buys and accumulates reserves in case of war or emergency. The agency’s activity consists in purchasing to replenish strategic reserves of various goods and materials – from food and fuel to equipment for soldiers, as well as selling stocks if, for example, their expiry date ends.

Formally, this takes place in the form of tenders, but as the Project writes, access to them is reserved for the chosen ones. They must be approved by the Federal Security Service (FSB), and the results of the tenders are kept secret.

According to journalists, talks with businessmen cooperating with the state agency show that only companies related to several families from Putin’s circle have access to tenders.

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The project lists the names of the chosen ones – these include Vasily Shestakov’s family, Putin’s judoka and sparring partner, Arkady Rotenberg (also a former friend of Putin’s from the mat), the family of the former prosecutor Yuri Chaika, the family of the secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, or people from the circle of the head of the state corporation Rostiech (Rostec) Sergey Chemezov, with whom he the Russian president is friends.

The agency is also managed by people close to Putin – the subsequent heads were, among others, his former KGB acquaintances. Every year, huge funds are allocated from the federal budget for Gosrezierw. In 2021, it was 207.4 billion rubles ($3 billion at the current exchange rate).

As Projekt writes, the agency’s activities are secret, but “the Russians could see its inefficiency last year – during the mobilization (announced in September). It turned out that the Russian army has serious problems with equipping its reservists.


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